Fatale or Fatal: Lingerie and Body Shape

Buying lingerie can be quite a daunting task, especially when you are not too sure what sort of style will suit your body type. Choosing the right lingerie is important, as you should feel sexy in what you wear, and when you are comfortable and confident it shows.

Fatale or Fatal

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The following tips should help you select lingerie that flatters you beautifully. It’s also important to remember that you want to draw your partner’s eyes to the areas you want to show off, not those you don’t.

With lingerie making its way out from the bedroom, now is the perfect time to work out what flatters your shape.

Tips for Taller Ladies

If you are tall and lithe, the traditional bra and panties with suspenders or sexy stockings will be the perfect choice. The stockings will show off your long legs to perfection, whilst the bra and panties combo will ensure just enough skin is on display.

Tricks for Busty Babes

If you have a large bust, you should always make the most of it, and supportive bras that create a sexy cleavage are always a winner. The Prima Donna Deauville bra is a great choice, as is any other form-fitting bustier or corset that lifts and creates a plunging cleavage.

Advice for Athletic Women

If you are naturally sporty, you probably have smaller breasts and a firm bottom, which can be beautifully shown off in boy shorts or thongs. If you want to draw attention to your butt, there are plenty of sexy panties available at stores such as http://www.orchidlingerie.co.uk, all designed to show off your pert posterior to perfection.

Plus-Size Perfection

It’s been proven that plus-sized woman are better adverts for bras. If you are plus size, the perfect lingerie is a supportive bra or corset and a sexy negligee or gown. A corset is also ideal to show off your curves to their best advantage.

Ideas for Petite Ladies

If you are on the shorter side, a long slinky negligee with a seductive slit up the side will make you appear quite a bit taller. Avoid baby-doll-style lingerie and never wear thongs or panties high on the waist. Instead, keep them on the hips to elongate the body and create the illusion of length.

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