Teddy boy fashion

We like to think of the 1960’s as being a catalyst for the post modern world. The youth began to believe that they could change the future and a tired, exhausted plus extremely jaded silent Generation began to let them try. However in terms of how men were in British society we can go back further than the late 60’s to see the start of the counterculture. The real trailblazers, and they did indeed like a good blazer, was that of the Teddy boys.

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Early 1950’s Britain was a time of rationing and the final few years of the post war boom. Employment was high but significantly the jobs that were being filled were by young men and the teenagers. With a good part of the British Isles youth dead in France, Burma or North Africa the vacuum was filled by the next quickly.

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However this generation had for the last ten years been drilled and conditioned to be the silent and grateful generation for the sacrifices of the Warrior one before it. Now, with money to burn and liberal mores that they USA was showing them through film and music they wanted a voice. The Ted’s were the first. With distinctive quiffs and stylish shoes and large coats they took the jeans and made it work. It may be that your Grandad was the first teenage rebel! When you look at the choice offered to men like that in EJ Menswear you should be thanking him. Go to https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/superdry to see what’s on offer.

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