Influential Style Bloggers

Fashion and style bloggers have become some of the most powerful voices online, and there are number of writers who’ve turned their passion for the rag trade into something that pays the bills. Influential, independent and often followed by millions, style bloggers have changed the face of fashion, and their opinions have created waves in an industry that’s not only hugely competitive but also evolves every season.

Influential Style Bloggers

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These four style bloggers are some of the most influential globally. They attract a huge amount attention with every post, photo and comment and will always know where to find the hottest womens skinny designer jeans, summer dresses or stylish suits.

Imran Amed

The man behind the blog the Business of Fashion (BoF), Imran Amed started documenting his thoughts on the latest trends in 2007. More than seven years later, Amed’s blog has over 1.6 million followers, and he employs 15 people to keep his slick and stylish pages up to date.

BoF features a mix of fashion news and commentary that focuses on the latest catwalk looks, along with articles on the history of fashion and other relevant topics.

Elin Kling

Based in New York but hailing from Sweden, Elin Kling is one of the most influential bloggers of our time. She’s one of the first ever online fashionistas to collaborate with a commercial brand on a collection, and in 2011 H&M released a line she helped design.

She’s since gone on to create her own standalone label, Toteme, which has seen her grow from blogger to designer, yet she continues to update her site with musings, photos and snippets of stories that keep every fashion-conscious reader riveted.

Bryan Grey Yambao

Born and bred in the Philippines but now a bona-fide New Yorker, Yambao’s blog started as an online diary about where to find the hottest looks and shops such as, and it has become a reliable resource for anyone looking for inside information on fashion.

Yambao has used his considerable influence in the fashion world to land himself a hosting spot on America’s Next Top Model and has launched a controversial collection with furrier Adrienne Landau. Whilst other bloggers from this era fell off the map, it was his ability to remain relevant and branch out that made him all the more successful and his opinions sought after.

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