The world of the Polo Shirt

Whether you like a branded Farah Polo Shirt like the ones available from or perhaps a non-branded simple shirt, whatever your preferences for this styling of shirt there are some facts that link them all together.

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Polo shirts were originally made from a woollen style material that helped to soak up sweat when the individuals were taking part in polo matches or tennis, which is where these types of tops first made an appearance.

They were originally long sleeved and over time we have produced both long and short sleeved versions of the polo shirt, allowing for those who like the style to enjoy the garment all year round regardless of the temperature. We have these tops available now in a variety of materials including cotton which gives a cooler feel for the summer months.

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Traditionally they all have a turned collar that you can find in the same colour as the main garment or in a contrasting colour depending on the look that you are trying to achieve and the styling of your preferred brand. They all have a button down front, usually with three buttons included. Any other additions to the shirt styling will be down the individual label and their overall brand styling

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