How Does Biometric Solutions Cut Down Risks Of Security Breaches

Biometric Solutions

The idea around biometrics and its use in security has been there in the market, ever since fingerprints were discovered. Although not explicitly, but biometric solutions have been around for quite some time. It is used as a method to gain access control and complete identification process successfully. Biometric solutions involve using various body parts such as fingerprints, iris, voice, face and more, which are scanned for identification purposes. A scanner for these specific body parts can detect every minute difference that are not otherwise visible to people.

Biometric Solutions Moving out of the arena of science fiction, biometric solutions for security have been used on Smartphones, tablets and high level corporations to allow access to hardware and sensitive information. From top-notch corporations that need to secure their entire buildings and information to photographers, writers and artists who need to protect their intellectual property; biometric solutions can come to every industry’s aid.

This is a far more advanced security measure that ensures lesser loopholes and breaches than any other traditional systems. Let us see why:

Rapid Personal Information Access – Biometric security systems detect unique features of an individual quickly without error. This helps every business to ensure the people granted accesses to the premises are only no one but employees. Any crime attempted within the premises can be better thwarted with this system. From identification to monitoring, everything with biometric technology is done within seconds.
Precision of Identification – Biometric scanners identify the capillary flow behind an individual’s eye or fingers to produce accurate results. This is only possible in case of people who are living and breathing, as opposed to the numerous science-fiction movies that have promoted the use of biometrics otherwise. For instance, a person has purchased a 5-day ticket to Disney World. In order to ensure that only that person and no one else is using his/her ticket to enter the park, Disney World will make him/her go through fingerprint scanning every time he/she enters the place. This ensures that neither the tickets are lend, shared or sold to another person.
Lack of Anonymity – Whenever a person’s biometrics gets scanned, his/her details get stored in the database. Apart from the usual data such as name, address, contact details and more, unique biometric information are also stored. This reduces chances of anonymity, which means it exactly knows the person every time he/she attempts to access the system. It can be used for various purposes – from monitoring the logging in and out time of employees to investigating criminal acts on their premises.
Averting Unauthorized Duplication – Today, from medical prescriptions to luxury handbags; everything can be replicated incorporating finest details. This also applies for things such as ID cards, keys and so on that help in maintaining security of a premise or identifying an individual. With biometrics, this scenario becomes near impossible, as it is not possible to duplicate physical and behavioral attributes of individuals. So, it prevents chances of unauthorized duplication.
Eliminates Chances of Theft and Loss – It is not a surprise that people lose keys and cards. Not only loss is a restricting factor, but theft also is a vital issue that can prevent an individual to gain access to his/her workspace and other secured locations. The advantage with biometrics is that no one can simply lose or steal it. This ensures that people who are granted access to a premise or sensitive information do not leave open access for others to misuse.
Thus, implementing biometric solutions, any organization can heighten their security measures of the building, hardware and sensitive information. Though, considered futuristic even couple of years ago, biometrics has become one of the chosen measures to reduce risks of security breaches to every sensitive data or premise.

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