The Tight-Knit Community of Portishead Passionate about Solar Power

With a relatively small population of only just over 26,000 local inhabitants, the tight-knit community living in the North Somerset Town of Portishead are particularly passionate about Solar Power.  Located on the Severn Estuary directly opposite the Welsh Cities of Cardiff and Newport, the families living in and around the area are doing everything they can to reduce Global Warming, positively impact on Climate Change and help protect the fragile Environment. Working in harmony with a local, reputable, well-established, experienced company who specialise in Solar Panel Installation Portishead, such as Redbridge and Sons the homeowners are putting their trust into these dedicated professionals.

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With many years of experience behind them and a long-list of previous happy customers ready to testify to their knowledge and understanding of Solar Power and its practical use on residential and commercial properties, this team have earned themselves a prestigious reputation. With a great deal of investment poured into the old Docks area of the Town, Portishead is now blessed with a beautiful Marina and a range of bespoke apartments, cafes and retail stores.

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Living in and around this beautiful area of the Country, the Community of families living in Portishead and surrounding Counties understand the urgency of preserving the biodiversity and natural flora and fauna of their local environment. By investing in Solar Energy, they are reducing the need for the continued use of Fossil Fuels and promoting a Greener more Sustainable, environmentally friendly option for supplying electricity.

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