Supercharge your browsing history in Chrome with more features and a better interface

The browsing history in most current browsers is quite simple. One of the things that has in particular the one of Chrome that make it more attractive, is the synchronization between devices and how we can access the different histories from the same place. In addition to this, there is almost nothing remarkable.

If for you it is important to keep a more detailed record of what you visit, to have better search options, to organize more visually the history according to days and hours, and in general to have a better interface than the one offered by Chrome, the Enhanced extension History is definitely for you.

Enhanced History is a fork from a previous extension called “Better History”, it suffered some security problems and was infected with malware, so it disappeared from the Chrome Web Store. Enhanced History stores all data locally and keeps the permissions it requests to the minimum to avoid inconvenience.

Once installed it will add a button to your extensions bar that you can press to access your new history. You’ll immediately come across something totally different than what Chrome has gotten you used to. Here you will see everything organized better, with visual options to choose day of the week, indicators of time of day in the history, a search box, and a side menu with several extras.

There is a wonderful button called “more like this” that appears next to each entry in the history, if you press it will look for all visits to links from the same parent address.

You can also search among the things you have downloaded. You have access to the other devices where you use Chrome and you can also use the search there. The icon in the Chrome bar will start showing a minute counter from the last time you cleared the history, things you can do in a click.

If you think that the history of Chrome could be better, in short this is an extension that you will want to try. It is one of those things that once you start to use you can not imagine life without them.

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