12 months, 12 healthy goals for 2017 (one for each month)

We are in the time to make plans for this new year begins and, of course , to set those healthy purposes that will accompany us during 2017. As we know that maintaining motivation throughout the year is difficult, since we bring this proposal: a healthy year for each month of the purpose (which, of course, can maintain long – term if you want).

January: one fruit at each main meal

We leave behind the excesses of Christmas, and to facilitate the return to good nutritional habits, nothing better than to encourage the consumption of fruit. We suggest that you have at least one piece of fruit in each of your main meals: it can be as dessert, in the form of smoothie, as part of a salad … Put you imagination!

12 months, 12 healthy goals for 2017 (one for each month)February: going up the stairs

The temptation of elevator and escalator is always there: to move a little more this month our healthy purpose will climb the stairs whenever possible we walk . In this way we will do some more physical activity and we will work our legs and glutes.

March: goodbye to sugary soft drinks

Many people consume sugary drinks as if they were water and make them their source of hydration. To control our consumption of added sugar, nothing better to say goodbye to such processed products . You will notice the change!

April: 10,000 steps are not so many

Move more in our daily lives is essential for the health of our body: our body is designed to move, so this month we suggest you get 10,000 steps a day each day . You can register with your quantizer bracelet with your phone or with a traditional pedometer, move!

May: read the labels of the products in the super

If you still do not, this is the perfect time. Read (and understand, of course) the labels of the products we buy at the supermarket gives us power as consumers and helps us choose wisely what we consume. Knowing what you eat is the basis for good nutrition.

June: 10 minutes to relax

June is usually a stressful month: leave everything ready for the holidays, come examinations for those who are studying … We want to help you handle it without problems, so that our proposal for this month is to find 10 minutes a day to relax , meditate or just do something that you help manage that stress: reading, listening to your favorite song …

Julio: read a book about sport

Because never, never, never can stop learning . It can be a book about bodybuilding, if you’re interested in weight training in the gym, or some book on career technique if you’re a runner. It can be a novel book like Murakami’s or it can be a manual. We will be giving you ideas throughout the month on our profile Instagram. Come on, we have more time to enjoy in summer!

August: try a new sport

Summer, when we find ourselves out of our rut, is the ideal time to try new things. In August we suggest you take a step out of your comfort zone and try a sport that has nothing to do with what you’ve been ahciendo so far. Maybe you can be surfing if you are on the beach, or climbing if you spend your vacation in the mountains. Anything that is new to you will bring you new benefits and new sensations.

September: zero alcohol

Have you put on a few pounds this summer without noticing? Possibly a good part of the blame is the alcohol we consume during the holiday season: those little barrels, those vermouth, those cocktails at night … They end up giving us a bill, among other things, in the form of extra kilos. So September is the perfect month to say goodbye to alcohol : it is not difficult and you will find a lot of very healthy alternatives.

October: greets the sun every morning

Or every afternoon, or when you have 10 minutes of time. We propose for this month learn sun salutation yoga and practice it daily : will help you improve your flexibility, increase control over your body, relax and strengthen your muscles. You can also practice other yoga poses that you like: who knows if you discover a new hobby!

November: sleep eight hours a day

The rest is much needed in our day to day, and we often underestimate. Adequate rest a number of hours not only helps us to properly perform at work the next day, but also favor when we control our weight or reduce the risk of injury. Get up early and get up in the mood to eat the world this month.

December: sweets, only on special days

There goes our last purpose of the year: to reserve the Christmas sweets only for the holidays (24, 25 and 31 of December, and 1, 5 and 6 of January). We know it can be hard because nougats take longer time in shop windows and at supermarkets, but reserve these sweet for these dates will make them even more special.

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