Advances in Orthodontics: Time to Rethink Braces?

There was a time when orthodontics really meant having tram-line braces and an aching jaw. The less than aesthetic nature of these braces, together with the discomfort, did put a lot of people off dental alignment.

Advances in Orthodontics

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This is such a shame. A nice smile is regularly scored as the most attractive feature in a face. But the good news is that in the last twenty years there has been a giant leap in orthodontic technology, and it’s never too late to straighten your smile.

Out with the Old?

While the traditional braces do come under attack for being unattractive and uncomfortable, it must be said that they are still a very efficient and cost-effective way to achieve straight teeth. However, for many adults looking for better dental alignment and those with social and professional relationships to maintain, cost and speed are not the deciding factors.

What Are the Other Options?

One possible alternative to traditional braces, and with the same speed and efficiency, would be clear brackets. Clear brackets are by no means invisible but do significantly improve the appearance of traditional braces.

Another option is lingual orthodontics. Again, using the same methodology as traditional braces, the brackets are applied to the rear side of the teeth to hid them from view. The advantages are that as the braces can’t be seen, many patients are willing to wear them longer. This means the braces can to be adjusted slowly, and many people find this more comfortable. However, some patients do report irritation or annoyance at this. If this is a concern for you, you should talk it over with your dentist in Dublin.

What About Invisalign Invisible Braces?

Invisalign braces are the newest technology in braces offered at, and they generally appeal the most to adults considering dental alignment. After your dentist has determined your alignment aims, a clear plastic retainer-like brace will be made for you.

The advantage of this technique is obviously the invisibility of the brace. Once it is in place, no one will be able to see it. You can also take the brace out for eating or kissing. The process is also generally more comfortable.

One thing is for sure: with so many advances in orthodontics, everyone will have something to smile about.

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