Back Pain – What is it and how can it be Treated?

One of the biggest reasons for long term illness in the UK is back pain. There are many different causes for back pain and living with it can be a huge struggle for those that suffer from it.


The back is a very complicated part of the body and is hugely affected by a lot of things, which is why sometimes it can be tricky to diagnose the cause of back pain, and it may take a long time and multiple visits to the doctors or hospital for many people to receive the correct diagnosis.

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The back has many different parts which are all integral to a healthy and pain free back – the spine is made up of the spinal cord, and 24 bones called vertebrae. There are also discs in between the vertebrae and they not only absorb the shocks to the spine but also allow it to be bendy and flexible.


As well as the complex spine, there are also the nerves, ligaments and muscles which are also connected to it, so you can see why it is such a difficult thing to diagnose when there is a problem with it.

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When it comes to treating back pain, depending on the cause of the pain there are a lot of different ways that it can be treated. Spinal surgery is one of the most invasive treatments but can work to treat some forms of severe back pain. If the pain is muscular, many people find that a regular London mobile massage from a professional such as can help to keep the pain at bay.

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