Beware of the flu: These are the five foods and four habits that help you prevent it

When temperatures fall, the risk of suffering from respiratory diseases increases along with the greater presence of viruses and bacteria as well as a drop in the body’s defenses. If you want to prevent the flu, these are the five foods and four habits that can help you.

Five foods that help prevent flu

Carrying a balanced diet with enough calories (neither in excess nor in deficit) is key to preventing diseases such as the flu, but some foods in particular can help us reduce the risk of suffering from this pathology like the ones shown below:

Green Tea

In this season, drinking an infusion of hot tea can be really comforting, but in addition, scientists from South Korea have shown that the antioxidant catechins that abound in green tea have an antiviral effect that could reduce the risk of flu, something that was confirmed in a human controls study: drinking green tea reduces influenza infection.

Although what we recommend is to drink between two and three cups of green tea as an infusion each day , we can also add this to cakes , ice cream or other preparations.

Blue Fish

The blue or oily fish such as tuna, salmon, mackerel, sardines, anchovies and the like are good sources of vitamin D in winter when we are exposed less to the sun and this nutrient has a key role in preventing the flu by keeping good body defenses.

Also, blue fish is rich in omega 3 which, among other things, has an anti-inflammatory effect in our body, therefore, it can help keep the functioning of the immune system in good condition .

We can add blue fish through pies or empanadas, salads or more complete dishes like salmon or baked sardines .


Lentils, chickpeas, beans, peanuts and any other example are good options to add zinc to the diet, a nutrient that can help prevent colds and flu by intervening in the functioning of the immune system. But in addition, legumes are a good source of fiber that has an anti-inflammatory effect in our body and therefore, can help prevent various respiratory diseases.

We can use dried or potted vegetables in spoon dishes , sautéed foods , salads and many other recipes.


Water as such or in liquids, food and various preparations can be very helpful to keep the airways clean and prevent the accumulation of mucus as well as dryness that can damage tissues that serve as a barrier to ward off viruses and other infectious diseases .

Therefore, drinking water, infusions or eating foods rich in water , soups , creams and others this season can be very helpful in preventing influenza and other diseases.

Fruits and vegetables

In fruits and vegetables not only can we find high water content and fiber that favors the care of the organism, but also, a variety of compounds with immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory function as highlighted in a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition and that can help us, among other things, to have greater resistance to viral infections such as influenza.

We can include fruits and vegetables in fresh pieces, salads or other immense variety of preparations that will allow us diversity in the diet.

Four healthy habits against the flu

Just as there are some foods in particular that can help us prevent the flu, there are also habits that, accompanying a healthy diet, can help us to ward off respiratory diseases this season, namely:

Wash hands frequently

When leaving the bathroom, before eating, when leaving the gym, when entering the house or whenever we have the opportunity, it is advisable to wash your hands to prevent all kinds of diseases .

Influenza is a disease caused by a virus that can be found in the environment and objects that surround us, so if we want to avoid frequent hand washing infectionsis a good habit to put into practice.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco can damage the respiratory tract, making them more vulnerable to respiratory diseases such as influenza or other infectious diseases, as indicated in a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine , so if we want to prevent the flu, trying to fertilize the cigarette can be very helpful and if We are not smokers, avoid exposure to tobacco smoke .

Exercise regularly

According to research published in the Annals of Family Medicine , regular exercise can prevent and reduce the duration as well as the severity of respiratory infections such as influenza. Of course, the key is in the regularity of the practice of exercise and in the moderate intensity that does not stress too much to the organism.

Sleep well every night

According to scientists from Sweden sleep deprivation can reduce antibodies to viral diseases such as influenza and increasing the risk of disease before him, but more than sleep duration should pay attention to their quality so that it is one sleep that reduce the stress that can affect the immune system .

Therefore, we recommend developing habits that help us sleep well every night to keep the defenses in good condition.

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