Bikini trick for operation to increase consumption of fruits and vegetables

Both fruits and vegetables should occupy an important place in our diet. A varied daily consumption of fruits and vegetables gives a lot of quality to our diet as we provide many micro nutrients. Time, in spring is an ideal time consuming fruits and vegetables.

Now that temperatures rise and we agreed to lose the extra kilos, plus crave fruits and vegetables in season. Its fresh flavors invite to make salads or eat them raw. In all meals should introduce a fruit or a vegetable or vegetable, if we think, is not so difficult, you just have to plan well the shopping cart.

Bikini trick for operation to increase consumption of fruits and vegetablesFruits and vegetables are key to improving health and weight control

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), could save 1.7 million lives a year if consumption of fruits and vegetables was sufficient in the population. Therefore, preventive factor that gives us a diet rich in these foods is very large.

Fruits and vegetables provide us with the most fiber, vitamins and dietary minerals. Moreover, being rich in water is low calorie, so a diet based on these foods is surefire to keep the kilos at bay.

Why our diet is usually low in fruits and vegetables? Above all it is a matter of planning when shopping at the supermarket. We are tending to buy everything prepared and ready to take and, while fruits and vegetables are ideal to take them raw in many cases, we do not see them as palatable foods to consume daily.

When the opposite, seasonal fruits like strawberries, cherries or plums are very rich flavors. And story to vegetables, preparations such as creams, cold soups or steamed side dishes will be a good complement to the daily dishes.

So you know, do not forget to eat fruits and vegetables daily, the more varied, the better. Now in spring much choice, you only have to approach the greengrocers.

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