Chocolate addiction

Chocolate addiction is an issue that concerns many people so in this article we will discuss causes and natural solutions.

Is there addiction to chocolate?

The truth is that there are many people who claim to have chocolate addiction and need to take it every day without doubt have to go get more if they have nothing left. Usually they feel predilection for black chocolate, as pure as possible.

Does that mean you really have addiction to chocolate?

Chocolate addictionDifferences between addiction chocolate and chocolate craving

The chocolate according to the scientific community cannot addictive as a drug by the type of substance that brings. Another thing is that the person feels desire or longing to make chocolate for various reasons, which we shall see.

In addiction withdrawal that makes you feel bad about the fact of not taking this substance appears. In the longing, craving or desire you usually feel bad, sad or disappointed by some cause and looking for satisfaction in chocolate.

What does the chocolate that can make us feel better?

  • Feeling of relaxation and happiness: One of the main causes of people believes they have chocolate addiction is precisely this sense of well being felt by the responsible seem to be a number of nutrients that contributes chocolate.
  • Relieves PMS: Some women feel better about the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome when making chocolate. The explanation is not that they have chocolate addiction but the great contribution chocolate Magnesium improves those symptoms (irritation discouragement, etc)
  • Rich in antioxidants: Their contribution polyphenol is responsible for an antioxidant effect that could be of great help in cardiovascular problems.
  • It is a natural stimulant: Chocolate provides plenty of the obromine, which is a great stimulant of the central nervous system. Like the coffee, it will give us energy when we notice a ‘downer “physical or mental energy.
  • Satiating effect: Fats and carbohydrates make us feel a sense of satisfaction and satiety fast … albeit briefly.

What could notify addiction to chocolate?

  • Hypoglycemia: Many people who claim to have chocolate addiction have hypoglycemia. When our body is low sugar or glucose, we noticed a drop in energy and mood that needs an immediate solution. Chocolate, for the above nutrients, gives us the remedy of urgency and so on until the next crisis.
  • High levels of anxiety: Each person tends to calm their anxiety or compensate.Many people smoke, others bite their nails and other … eat chocolate. Part of the soothing substances nervous sometimes also make a link between chocolate and “give us a prize” or satisfaction, to offset that bad time.
  • Lack of chromium: It is very interesting to note that when people take chromium (as picolinate) radically reduces their need for chocolate. Is it because the Chrome also regulates hypoglycemia that is so effective in addiction to chocolate?
  • Restlessness: Lack of energy that entails makes need of stimulants such as coffee or chocolate to “keep throwing”.
  • Depression or dissatisfaction: Some nutrients chocolate improve certain states of depression or discouragement and that leads to increased consumption in some people, when they feel sad or depressed. Some studies have shown that when antidepressants were given to these patients ate less chocolate. That, of course, do not intend to take antidepressants induce those people who love chocolate.

Solutions chocolate addiction

Regular hypoglycemia is a first vital question. Try not to spend more than five hours without eating and avoid refined sugar, bakery products and refined products is a good start. Your doctor or specialist will give us more specific guidelines.

Chromium picolinate (sold in health food shops and pharmacies) can be of great help for addiction to chocolate.

Reduce our stress level and anxiety is essential to feel better. We need to analyze things or situations that cause an automatic response we eat chocolate and find other answers (relax, breathe deeply, singing, walking, etc.)

Find ways to relax and physical exercise will help us oxigenarnos better not need anything to feel more energetic and more relaxed.

If we see that, our desire or addiction to chocolate increases when we are sadder can seek advice from the doctor or specialist about the advisability taking any natural antidepressant such as St. John’s Wort or Hypericum.

Chocolate addiction is not really such, but only an indication that we do not feel good. Think about it can open a door to improve our quality of life.

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