Compilation of fast and easy protein dinners adding proteins with fish and seafood

Some time ago I started my section of fast and easy protein dinners with the intention of suggesting ideas, from my own and personal recipes, which included a good protein intake and that I considered complete for a balanced diet and to cover daily needs.

As you know, in each entry I proposed a recipe rich in proteins and, at the same time, it was quick and easy to cook (which is fundamental in many of our cases). As many of you keep reminding me of the specific recipes in this section, today I propose a collection of quick and easy protein dinners adding proteins with fish and seafood.

  • Tuna tataki with radishes: tuna is one of the fish that we use the most for protein intake. The tataki recipe for tuna is definitely a different way of eating fish while incorporating vegetables into our diet. These 200g of tuna loins with radishes give us a total of 46g of protein and 327kcal .
  • Fresh cod with ratatouille: cod is another fish richer in protein, and if, in addition, we choose to accompany it with a homemade and quick ratatouille like the one we propose in this recipe, we get a complete dinner, rich in iodine and with a contribution of almost 40g of protein per dish .
    The combinations to eat fish are endless: grilled, baked, cooked … but we can also innovate our dishes and prepare fish in other ways, as in the case of these eggs stuffed with cod with a nutritional contribution of 38g of protein.
  • Warm salad of squid and prawns : there is no doubt that salads are a perfect dish option to add all kinds of nutrients given their outstanding versatility. In this case, the salads that we propose are going to be perfect for adding proteins, since we will accompany them with fish and seafood.
    Opt for a warm salad of squid and prawns, with a total of 43g of protein or this other option of salad of salmon and prawns, with a contribution of 48g of protein.
    Remember that adding these foods to your recipes will not only add proteins, but also Omega3 fatty acids essential for sports performance .
  • Smoked salmon rolls with gulas : tempered or cold, these fish rolls are another quick and perfect choice of protein dinner or canapé for when you have guests.
    Fill your salmon rolls with the ingredients that you like the most; in this case, the gulas-based filling completes a dinner with a nutritional intake of 44g of proteins and less than 400kcal .
  • Octopus with prawns : a fresh dinner full of proteins and “sea flavor”. A recipe with 43g of protein and a very low contribution of fats . Combine the seafood and fish that you like the most in an infinite variety of fresh and perfect salpicones as a main course or accompaniment to any menu.
  • Baked hake with potatoes : a classic that can not fail in any recipes is a delicious baked fish. This time with a simple recipe, to remove the fear of the most novice kitchen oven, which will provide 27g of protein in a rich, traditional and balanced dinner .
  • Salmon burgers : if you are not passionate about the world of fish this can be a novel option to consume these essential foods. Prepare different hamburgers based on salmon, an important source of vitamin D, vitamin B6 and vitamin B3, as well as minerals, iron, phosphorus and selenium, and add 47g of protein per serving.
    A perfect idea to eat fish from the largest, to the smallest of the house.

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