Five good reasons to eat seasonal foods

We always insist on food consumption according to the time of the year we are in and that is not only due to the taste and better organoleptic characteristics that fruits and vegetables have at their best, but also to other factors. Today we show you five good reasons to consume seasonal foods .

If in this season we want to eat nectarines, it is very likely that it will be difficult for us to obtain it and if we find it, we should buy it at a high price and its taste may not be as pleasant as it will be in the middle of summer. 

In this season better to consume autumn and winter foods for the following reasons :

Help take care of the environment

A long time ago the populations consumed what nature offered, without resorting to chemical products with fertilizing action for example, to force the production of certain foods that are not suitable for climatic conditions or the months of the year we travel.

Nowadays, not only can the early harvests of certain crops be forcedwithout respecting the seasonality of the same but, in addition, we obtain summer fruits in winter thanks to the import of them, something that undoubtedly is associated with a large footprint of carbon and therefore has a high environmental impact.

If we eat seasonal foods, we reduce the carbon footprint and the pressure to produce food when it is not their time, therefore, we help take care of the environment as confirmed by research published in Nutrition Bulletin .

They offer the nutrients we need

Nature is wise and if we analyze a little the foods of this time and the nutrients they offer we will realize that for example, citrus fruits and cabbages are rich in vitamin C , which helps the recovery of flu and colds this season.

Also at this time we find many fatty fish that find their best time of consumption, and they offer vitamin D that we need to ingest to replace the own production that we have in summer due to sun exposure.

Likewise, water-rich foods predominate in summer, precisely when the heat forces us to take care of hydration more than ever, which indicates that consuming seasonal foods helps us obtain the nutrients our body needs most during those months of the year .

They can help prevent different diseases

If we only consume winter vegetables and none of summer, we are likely to have reduced benefits at the health level, since as a study published in Public Health Nutrition has shown, we can obtain different benefits from each one of them.

Since its nutrients and phytochemicals change, we can receive greater protection against cancer with winter vegetables and greater benefit to prevent cardiovascular diseases with summer vegetables, so it is always convenient to take seasonal foods in each season , consuming a variety of fruits and vegetables throughout the year to protect health against different diseases.

They favor the economy and local development

Just as we reduce the environmental impact of consuming seasonal foods, we can certainly encourage local trade , since seasonal foods are often produced near us.

Thus, as a study published in 2002 points out, if we want to favor the economic and social development of our society and those close to our place of residence, consuming seasonal foods can be of great help.

And also if you want to take care of your economy, since you will achieve a lower price, a better quality and healthier diet that indirectly by protecting your health implies less expenses to the economy of society.

They help us consume enough fruits and vegetables

Five minimum rations each day of fruits and vegetables should consume to benefit health, something that not all reach to cover and perhaps with the help of seasonal food is easier to achieve.

As we said at the beginning, seasonal foods taste better, have a pleasant aroma, are fresh and generally much healthier and appealing to the eye , as the colors intensify if they are collected just at their best.

For all this, we would like to consume more fruits and vegetables of these characteristics than those out of season and so, we can get an extra benefit with your intake.

We already see that the reasons that support the choice of seasonal foods are very good and that we can obtain many benefits with their intake not only individually but also around us.

Remember that this season we can find in its best season of consumption to citrus, cabbage, cherimoya, pomegranate, persimmon, avocado, artichokes, beet, eggplant, various green leaves, kiwi and banana, which we can include in our usual diet as part of various preparations.

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