Five reasons (beyond relaxation) to incorporate the practice of yoga into your life

You may think that it is only a practice of spirituality that you want to perform a few, but the truth is that doing yoga as part of a routine of physical care is something that every man can easily incorporate into their lives, and if you put the pretext lack of time or interest, we show you why this discipline originated in India can offer benefits you did not think you could enjoy without leaving home.

Before you start you have to know that there are different types of yoga to perform, such as Bikram Yoga where a series of specific positions are performed in an environment between 40° and 42° degrees, or Hatha Yoga, which is the level of beginners where the new practitioners are introduced to the basic postures and relaxation exercises based on this practice. Convinced? Well then know the benefits that people who knot their legs as a pretzel are giving their body:

Keeps stress at bay

Yoga expert Terrence Monte says hitting a bag in the gym makes you more aggressive, while yoga explores relaxation through techniques that can help you stay calm in situations of anxiety. Therefore at the same time that you exercise your body, yoga does the same with your mind making you can see a complete picture of the most difficult situations in life and act correctly.

It keeps you more flexible

Most yoga series that include physical postures help the body’s flexibility, this can help improve your performance in sports such as tennis and golf and at the same time help detoxification and good digestion of the body. Just think of the body as a sponge in dirty water, that at the time of squeezing it, you eliminate different toxins that make your body bad.

Prevention of injuries during exercise

The practice of yoga reduces the incidence of an accident or injury when performing resistance or high-impact exercises, how it can be when running or practicing other sports; also the flexibility of the muscles makes faster recovery after a routine.

Help calm your mind

A relaxed atmosphere in a yoga class is why most men get out of the routine to find a different way of recreation. A study in 2013 found that yoga helps alleviate depression even being more efficient than antidepressants. This millennial Indian practice also helps people sleep better and for much longer, since 20 minutes of yoga a day helps brain function more than any other physical activity in the same period of time.

Help increase your muscles

The movements and postures of the practice of yoga also helps the formation of muscles, since fibers are stimulated at the cellular level, which gives way to muscle hypertrophy that results in a greater volume of the muscles of the body, so a yoga session between your training routine will be the perfect complement to develop your muscles.

Do you want to try something different? Then leave the tennis at home and change your gym bag for a comfortable mat, which complement your exercise routine with a series of yoga will do more for your body than you imagine.

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