Five tricks to maintain motivation and keep training during the summer

In summer the days of intense heat make the task of continuing to train harder: it seems that the only thing you want is to stay at home with the air conditioning or not leave the pool. We can even find ourselves heavier and less active due to the high temperatures.

If the summer months make you lose your motivation to continue training, we give you some tricks to overcome the laziness and keep you in shape also at this time of year.

  • Set a schedule to train (even if you’re on vacation): keep a routine when training is essential to not lose the habit you created during the rest of the year. In summer, especially if we are on vacation, it is much easier to get involved with anything (the pool, the siesta, the reeds …) and to think that “I have time, I train later”. If you have a fixed schedule to train, it will be more difficult for you to skip it.
  • Take advantage of the first hour of the morning: during the day, especially this year, it is stifling hot. Why not, since you’re on vacation, take advantage of that first morning hour to train? In addition to that you will leave it done and you will have the rest of the day off, it is a good way to charge batteries and fill you with energy.
  • Try a new sport or activity: summer is a good time to disconnect, you can even “disconnect” from your usual training and try other new things. If you train in the fitness room all year long, why not give Pilates a chance now ? If you have spent the summer months running, how about trying some Yoga sessionsduring the holidays? You may even like it and end up incorporating that new activity into your usual training.
  • Encourage a friend or relative to train with you: in good company things are always enjoyed more. Summer, when we have more free time, is the perfect time for you to put your friends, your father or your cousin’s batteries and encourage them to start a more active and healthy life. If you get them to accompany you in the training you will be giving them a health bonus, do it for you and for them!
  • Combine tourism and sport: are you going to be out of your city and do not have access to a gym? Then combining tourism and sport is a good alternative. Knowing a city by sneaker through tourism-runner or discovering a new park or beach every day where you can train calisthenics is another way to integrate into that new city and to stay active also in summer.

What are your tricks to keep training on vacation?

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