Four Essential Skin Rejuvenation Tips for the New Year

The Christmas season brings with it lots of parties and it is all fantastic fun, but the downside is that our skin can suffer as a result. Late nights, alcohol and bad foods can make skin break out in blemishes and feel unhealthy in general. The New Year is a perfect time to begin your beauty rejuvenation to recover from the party season. Here are four essential tips for improving your skin’s health this January.

Four Essential Skin Rejuvenation Tips for the New Year

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Drink Water

Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out the toxins that accumulated during the Christmas party season. Make sure you drink at least eight glasses per day. Adequate hydration is vitally important, according to the NHS. First thing in the morning is a great time to drink 500ml of water to kickstart your metabolism. Just add a squeeze of lemon for an extra vitamin boost, and your skin will thank you!

Cleanse Thoroughly

It is highly important to always cleanse your skin before going to bed. Throughout the day, your skin gets oily and comes into contact with bacteria. By cleansing your face before bed, you can remove makeup, excess oil and germ buildup, leaving it clean and ready to take an enriching night cream. Cleansing well is the backbone of a good skin care regimen. Just make sure you use a gentle formula because harsh cleansers can damage the skin, according to the BBC.

Try a New Treatment

Skin treatments have grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and the New Year is an ideal time to try something new. Dermabrasions, derma rolling and chemical peels are invigorating procedures that can help to turn back the clock and leave your skin rejuvenated. It is easy to find a London chemical skin peel specialist, and there are plenty of experts offering this service, such as


Massaging the skin increases blood flow and stimulates collagen production. Gently putting pressure on the skin in slow, gentle, circular movements stimulates the flesh underneath and gives you a healthy glow.

In addition, you should also avoid exposure to the sun’s UV rays, including sun beds, and give up smoking. By following these essential tips, you can rejuvenate your skin in the New Year.

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