Green Frog Aloe Vera, great ally for health

The Aloe Vera is an essential ingredient in many home remedies of all kinds and that’s because this plant has very beneficial properties for health and wellness. Aloe Vera Green Frog uses pulp leaf Aloe Vera to provide a range of 100% organic products, taking as a common basis this perennial plant belonging to the lily family, are in the form of juices and creams achieve significant benefits to the health of our body.

Whether administered orally, our juices Aloe Vera Green Frog, or applied directly to the skin, specialized creams Vera Green, remedies based on Aloe Vera become one of the main allies to our health.

As an example, Aloe Vera juice without pulp Green Frog especially work as an activator of our defenses, moisturize the skin and provide more energy to our body and cream Vera Green Bio going to be a great ally of daily use throughout the body skin protection and recovery after exposing it to the effects of climatic factors such as the sun, or air drying, which damage our cells.

Green Frog Aloe Vera, great ally for healthIt is important to say that the use of this plant is not a novelty in recent decades, but has been in use for thousands of years by cultures as diverse as Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Roman or Egyptian.

Health Benefits of Aloe Vera Green Frog

The best products Green Frog is integrating two important effects, taking care of our image abroad with our interior. How? Consider the benefits of using these products for our health:

– Activate your defenses: With Aloe Vera Green Frog we will strengthen the body’s natural defenses by reactivating the fundamental functions of the immune system, which will mean a significant decrease in infections. This is because the gel extracted from the leaves of Aloe Vera contains certain components that contribute to the proper functioning and the protection of our body. In cases of allergy, colds, bronchitis and rhinitis becomes an ally functioning as anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator moderately. In the treatment of all diseases it is always recommended that a doctor oversee the use and the recommended dose for each case.

– Increase your energy: Aloe Vera provides numerous minerals, enzymes, lipids, vitamins and essential amino acids that enhance the proper functioning of the body. These results in a recovery of vitality and decreased stress accumulated in the body.

– Protected heart: If we take the juice of the Aloe Vera Green Frog will be promoting regeneration of cells of the circulatory system and facilitates the maintenance of glucose levels in the blood, cholesterol and triglycerides.

– Fight Arthritis: The juice of this plant has been traditionally used to relieve pain caused by bone diseases such as arthritis or osteoarthritis.

– Regulated Digestive System: Aloe Vera Green Frog also acts on our digestive system working in the absorption of fats, fighting against heavy digestions, alkalizing the body and avoiding the dreaded acidity. We should note that the better intestinal absorption, i.e. the better our digestion, have better nutritional status.

– Daily treatment of minor irritations and skin lesions: That’s right; we can use the line of creams Vera Green, for those little irritations caused by waxing, shaving or slight burns generated by excessive sun exposure without protection and also for treatment of major skin lesions. Cosmetic cream helps to moisturize nourish and repair the skin of the face and neck.

For consumption of juices Green Frog Aloe Vera is recommended a dose of 50 to 100 ml per day, divided in one to three times daily. How do I calculate it? No problem because each bottle carries a dispenser for us to use the appropriate dose. If the taste of the juice does not like you at all, you can mix that 50 to 100 ml with water or juice.

It is important to say that the products of Green Frog do not contain soy, lactose or gluten, so it is suitable for allergy sufferers who consume these components people. Allergic reaction to Aloe Vera is rare, so if a person is allergic or has had previous reaction may eat it as a food supplement or applied externally. As previously mentioned, those persons suffering from any disease should consult their doctor before using Aloe Vera.

Do you like the benefits of the Aloe Vera Green Frog as a great ally for health? Do you dare to try it? If you’ve done Will you tell us your experience?

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