High intensity race at intervals: This way it benefits you and that’s how it hurts you

Around the race there are many training techniques and many defenders and detractors of each of them. We in this occasion we want to stop in the high intensity intervalial training or interval race . For this we will make a detailed approach to this training technique used by many and therefore it is necessary to better understand how this way of running works in our body.

First of all, it is necessary that we know what the high-intensity interval race is. As the name suggests, it is about running with different intensity intervals . During a certain period of time we will run a certain distance at maximum intensity and then we will stop and recover with an active rest that will consist in walking or jogging more slowly at a much lower intensity.

This is the theory, but in practice there are many variations , almost always depending on the physical preparation of the person who is carrying it out. These variations usually apply to the distance we are going to run in each high intensity interval or at the time we are going to be. The same happens with the intensity, since the good thing about this type of training is that we can adapt all these variables to our physical form and go gradually increasing the intensity.

Despite having this in mind there are many detractors and many defenders of this technique of career training. We in this case want to review the pros and cons of this way of conducting a career, since there are many researches and studies in this regard that have echoed many sports magazines and all inferred a conclusion, and is which is a valid technique like the rest to make a career.

Accelerates the metabolism and makes this effect last longer

Many people use this type of training when it comes to burning more calories with the race. This argument may have its origin in a point to take into account, and that is that the interval race has a direct effect on the metabolism and its operation. Keep in mind that it is a high stress for it, causing it to accelerate and therefore burn more calories.

This point is clear in a study published in Publimed, a current magazine of the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health. According to this study, this metabolic activation is similar to that which occurs in people who practice a conventional career for an average of 30 to 60 minutes about 3 times a week. It should not be forgotten that the study was carried out in individuals with intermediate physical preparation, who did a race 3 times a week. It was divided into two groups, those that performed intervals and those that did not, and the result in which metabolic acceleration was almost similar.

The only differences to take into account are that when performing intervals the time dedicated to the activity is less to achieve a similar result than with the conventional race. In addition, with the interval race the metabolism remains active for longer after the activity is finished. This is what makes the loss of body fat with the interval race much greater, according to the study.

An effective aid to improve cardiac health

Another point to take into account is the cardiac work involved in interval training. Like all aerobic activity the circulatory system, and in this case the heart are very important, making your health stronger and better. In the case of interval training, cardiac work is greater, which leads us to achieve better results in terms of the health of the same.

This data is clear from the study cited above in which it was observed that people who underwent conventional cardiac training of continuous career scarcely experienced an important cardiac work, but those who worked through intervals experienced a cardiac work almost 10% higher. This is due to the fact that in a short time the heart must pump very fast and then relax in the recovery phases, to be activated again in the high intensity phases.

Improves our self-esteem and raises endorphin levels

The interlude race also represents an emotional challenge . Especially because for its realization we need a predisposition and high strength. Therefore when we finish our self-esteem levels are higher. It is also part is because the release of endorphins by the body is greater than with the conventional race.

Muscle wasting is less

Improves the mechanism of transformation of body fat into energy.

Precisely this release of endorphins is due to the fact that the muscular work in this type of race is greater. It is true that all the studies conclude that they do not work or incide more in the muscles with this type of race, but that with the interválico training we get that the muscular fibers suffer less . This is because the density of mitochondria, the size and number of cells that generate energy in the body increase. This will make the energy production is greater by the body from fat reserves. This supposes a lower consumption and wear of the muscular fibers.

It can be a very harmful activity

We must not forget that the interval race takes place in very aggressive periods alternating with other quieter ones. In the moments of high-intensity running the muscular work is high and the pressure to which we subject the tendons is high . This can lead to muscular overloads and some other muscular and joint problems. Do not forget that it is a high risk activity and therefore can be harmful.

Therefore, it is very important to control each movement well and the intensity that we will be able to endure. For this we recommend starting little by little until we know each other better and know how far we can go, because the intensity of a conventional race has nothing to do with interval training.

Some general notes about the intervial career

In spite of everything, it is necessary that when carrying out an interval race as a form of aerobic training, we should take into account some considerations :

  • It is a type of activity that can be done by any type of person and with any type of intensity. It is not necessary to establish minimums. Of course, it is important to have a previous base and a resistance in the race to avoid hurting ourselves and being able to carry out the activity satisfactorily.
  • The interval race is a type of fast and intense activity . It is not as long as the conventional race, so it is very useful for people looking to save time or do not have too much to train.
    The interval race is available to anyone. It is good to alternate it with the conventional race to improve results.
  • It is an activity that can be done by all kinds of people, regardless of age and sex.
  • The periods of recovery between sets at maximum intensity should be performed actively , that is, we can walk or jog more slowly to continue maintaining the active organism.
  • It is important to alternate it with the conventional career to obtain greater benefits and avoid that our organism gets used to the activity that we are carrying out.
  • Before launching to perform this activity as usual, it is necessary to perform a stress test with a doctor. If we also suffer from any disease or cardiac or respiratory anomaly it is necessary that we inform the doctor of our intention to carry out this activity to know if it is possible or not to carry it out. In this way we will avoid possible scares.

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