How exercise can help with arthritis symptoms

Those who have arthritis will tell you how important it is to find ways in which you can manage your symptoms and this might include medications and occupational therapies as well as looking for Mobility Aids like the ones from to help with your everyday tasks. 

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Arthritis causes your joint areas such as hips, knees, ankles and wrists become inflamed and painful. Over time this can reduce the suppleness of your joints and stiffness can set in. It can also cause your muscles to lose their strength as mobility starts to become reduced. Exercise is one way you can help to combat some of the symptoms that are associated with arthritis. 


Here are a few simple exercises for you to try out:


  • Stretching – a simple stretch or two can help to reduce the discomfort of stiffness in your joints and can help you to retain the movement that you have in key areas of your body. Stretching is particularly important for those people who are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. 

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  • Yoga – because yoga is classified as a flow exercise (meaning it moves from one movement to another) it is great for arthritis symptoms. Many of the poses and flows can be adapted and you can use props such as pillows and bolsters to make your exercising more comfortable. 


  • Walking – this is a quick and simple way to keep your joint moving and it can be done with relative ease and can be a great first step to increasing your exercise levels. 


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