How is it possible that the current population is obese and malnourished at the same time

Its made thousands of years ago the body “round” and overweight was considered well fed, a sign of power and good economic position compared to those less well off who had a poor diet and therefore were skinny. However, today it is known that being obese is not being healthy or well fed, but that the current population is obese and malnourished at the same time.

Obesity as synonymous with malnutrition

A well-nourished person is one who receives the nutrients (and calories) in quality and quantity appropriate for your body, therefore, who receives too much and therefore is obese, is not a well-nourished person.

The obesity is a type of malnutrition, often due to excess and others by poor quality of daily diet because beyond calories, nutrients we consume are of great importance when maintaining a healthy weight and proper percentage of body fat to prevent obesity.

If we eat sugars added in excess, fats of poor quality and we are filled with refined flours , it is very likely that we are also overweight or obese and we are not well nourished.

This leads us to think that an obese person does not really have enough vitamins and minerals , but behind that body that makes us think too much we can find a hidden malnutrition , that is, lack of iron or other minerals, anemia, lack of vitamins and of proteins among other quality nutrients.

This is how most of today’s obese people find themselves in poverty , since it is precisely the low purchasing power that pushes them to consume easily accessible and cheap foods such as junk food.

For all this, obesity is not synonymous with well nourished but on the contrary, it is always a type of malnutrition if we analyze quantity and quality of the diet.

Malnutrition: another type of malnutrition

Just as obesity is considered an excess malnutrition, either of harmful nutrients such as sugars or total calories in the diet, malnutrition is a malnutrition due to deficit , generally of quantity, since many calories and nutrients are often lacking to reach a healthy weight and therefore, it is well below ranges considered “normal”.

This is how obesity and malnutrition coexist today , because it is two types of malnutrition that do nothing but demonstrate how badly society feeds today, achieving even a weight “socially acceptable” but an excess of fat that It tells us about obesity of normal weight, or on the contrary, obesity with hidden malnutrition that is not more than excess weight and fat with lack of important nutrients for health care.

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