Hypopressive abdomen in women strengthening the pelvic floor

Intense training has a problem, which exists but is not commonly spoken. It is something that fecta more women, but also occurs in men. We talk about stress urinary incontinence. It is one of the reasons for the importance of strengthening the pelvic floor, both in women and men.

In the case of women, as we say, these problems are more frequent, so we are going to give them the attention they deserve and to recommend the technique of abdominal hipopresive as a preventive and treatment measure.

Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Problems

There are several studies on the subject. We are going to rescue some in which they speak of young women and sportsmen, something that seems to us synonymous of health:

  • In a group of almost 1500 fitness instructors with a mean age of less than 33 years, they found that 26.3% had problems with urinary incontinence, which appeared when exercising, or when coughing or sneezing.
  • In a survey of 291 athletes (categories such as volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, dance …) 51% admitted to having urinary incontinence problems. The mean age was less than 23 years.
  • In this study of 106 young female athletes, 41% reported having incontinence problems exercising, but only 5% commented on their problem with their doctor.

In short, the problems of stress incontinence derived from sports practice are a problematic reality for young women. These problems also occur in women who play sports at the amateur level, for example, occasional runners, fond of the gym …

They are more frequent in sports that have a lot of impact, jumping, important but not very long lasting efforts (lifting loads) and deserve attention and preventive treatment and to eliminate the problem if it already exists.

Hipopresive and strengthening the pelvic floor

The elements (muscles and structures) that make up the pelvic floor should be prepared to withstand the efforts of the day to day, but also intense and repeated efforts like those that occur in physical exercise.

There is a possibility that intense training in a sports activity that puts pressure on the pelvic floor will weaken it and make it sensitive to suffer problems, such as said incontinence.

But there are preventive measures, such as a program of hipopresivos exercises, where they train muscles related to the pelvic floor. The training is done in a way in which these muscles do not suffer and the tone and function are improved, so they are optimal for the prevention and treatment of pelvic floor problems.

Example of hypopressive exercise …

As we say, it is recommended in female athletes, although there are also cases of stress incontinence in men, and hypopressive work is equally beneficial. These types of exercises are also recommended in the postpartum period, always guided by health professionals who are familiar with this technique.

If you are new to exercise, remember the benefits that can add you to add hipopressive exercises to your training habits. If you want to know more about the hypopressive technique, you can read the extensive general entry on the subject of hipopressive abs and Low Pressure Fitness.

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