On a diet and you do not get results? These can be the causes

If you have long been taking care of what you eat with the goal of losing weight, reduce cholesterol or be in shape but still do not see the fruits of your effort, we tell you what may be the causes of your diet not result. Take note!

Analyze your day by day, perhaps you are committing one of the following errors and it is time to correct them …

Veggies full of calories

To take care of health with what we eat can not miss fruits and vegetables at the daily table, however, not any dish with vegetables or fruits is healthy and light.

If you consume a salad of fast food shops daily you should know that these can have many calories, as if consuming vegetarian burgers bought in abundant quantities.

The chips do not count as vegetables or other preparations of vegetables that are full of fat because of a fry or a calorie sauce that is added to it.

The best, vegetables and fresh fruits, steamed, grilled, boiled or baked. And always homemade, because what we eat out even if it is called vegan, vegetarian or ” light ” will always have more calories and worse nutrients than it is made with our own hands.

You go with the olive oil

The olive oil is one of the best sources of fats for use in your regular diet, and if you use it without subjecting cooking or seasoning to spice up your dishes much better.

However, you may be making the mistake of not recording the amount you use and spend with your consumption. Since as all oil has 99.9% fat, a high intake of olive oil can represent a considerable calorie excess that prevents you from losing weight.

The recommended thing in these cases is to count the amount that we use of oil daily and not to use of to jets. To do this, we can add a spoonful oil to our dishes and try not to use more than 4 tablespoons a day.

A very large portion

If you have made it a goal not to exceed the food ration in each intake for the ultimate purpose of controlling the amounts you consume, you may be making the mistake of choosing or serving very generous portions.

Humans are completer and very seldom left in the plate food, because we really tend to eat everything served and leave the plate empty, so if you eat very abundant rations your attempt to control the amount of ingested insurance is failing.

In addition to eating always sitting at the table and on a plate, it is vital not to overload the food itself and begin to consider the size of the rations that we ingest.

Eat with distractions

The attempt to calm the bug between hours and activate the metabolism can be consuming small portions of food every 3 or 4 hours. But if you drink these in the midst of millions of distractions you can be making a serious mistake.

You will not register, you will not be satisfied and you can even eat a lot more food or worse food without realizing if you take or snacks while you work, drive, are at a work meeting or cleaning your house.

Therefore, it is preferable to eat when we are hungry, trying not to exceed five hours without eating, but to do so as long as we can sit at the table and take at least 20 minutes for the intake, so that we can focus on food and not eat Automatic form, with millions of distractions around.

Your rations are those of the labeling

If to take care of your diet you eat a portion of each preparation according to the labeling of food, you may be making a mistake that can lead to both deficit and excess and cause dietary imbalances.

A ration of cookies (as noted on the labeling) may be very low for one person and a lot for another, depending on age, physical activity level, biological condition and other particular factors.

Likewise, depending on food specifically, we may need more or less in the usual diet, so adjusting rations is not something we can do based on the generalities of a label but it is key the individualization in these cases that we can achieve with help of a nutrition professional.

Shopping Home Food

Homemade food is always more advisable than the one that we can get frozen and packaged in a supermarket or the one that sells in a fast food. However, homemade food is made with our own hands, not the one we can buy under the name of “homemade”.

Except in cases where someone in particular cooks just for you and that person you buy your “homemade food,” most of the businesses that say sell such preparations as we eat at home do with nutritional variants that harm us.

For economic reasons, trades reuse oils, use ingredients of but nutritional quality or use other resources that often damage the nutrients of meals and add many calories. That is why home-bought food is not always a good choice when taking care of your diet.

If you are on a diet and you do not see results, these may be some of the causes. Test and evaluate yourself, if you make one or more of these mistakes, it’s time to act to improve your diet and begin to see the fruits of your effort.

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