Pre-workout meal, what and when to eat

Proper Pre-Training should consist of protein and low in carbohydrates with low glycemic index, or carbohydrates that do not cause an increase in insulin. 

good cup of milk which contains a protein mixture is an excellent choice, or more and a glass of milk accompanied by a possibly integral sandwich with peanut butter. Know that the fat in peanut butter can slow digestion and lower the glycemic index of the meal because nutrients enter the blood flow a little at a time.

The slowdown effect helps maintain steady blood sugar levels and energy throughout the workout without major changes. Instead sugar, like candy, is a bad choice because it usually foods high in sugar are foods with high glycemic index, which means that your blood sugar will go through the roof, causing an increase in insulin.

Pre-workout meal

This causes the reduction of sugar change and energy that is exactly what we must avoid. 

Each of the choices indicated namely:

  • Protein shaker
  • Milk bread and peanut butter

Amino acids logging back in to continue the recovery process from the previous training and also to slightly elevate the blood sugar for the workout to come, creating a constant energy level instead of the peak and the subsequent devastating collapse that occurs with snacking on of simple sugars.

The pre-workout meal should be consumed an hour before if you choose the shaker and an hour and a half before if you choose the most high-fat snack.

This is to promote digestion. Course lunch and then go and coaching is the worst thing you could do. Do you not have time for lunch? You have to organize your day with snacks more stout and hearty. Many trains at lunchtime, so it is clear that before training would better have a snack (which could also be a protein bar very handy at work) and after training eat a sandwich or a salad mixed with some protein source (tuna, mozzarella).

Snack always two hours before the workout!

What happens if you have a meal immediately before?

Simple a large amount of blood is concentrated in the stomach for digestion, reducing the amount available for working muscles; you will feel weak and sleepy. When you train you must try to remain slightly emptied as all systems will be more energized and the blood will flow in the muscles trained more easily.

So snack must be such, and not a real meal. You have to try not to lower blood glucose levels after eating (breakfast or lunch). This is the purpose. As for the amateurs, whatever the discipline took place, you should never, ever have dinner and then go to the gym to attend the favorite.

Workout at the gym is not like going to the movies, whatever you does Pilates, you do wing chun or bodybuilding must attend classes on an empty stomach or, at least, have a snack, in this case, a snack a few hours before the event.

After training and after showering can dine feeding your physique and your muscles.

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