Protecting Your Hearing from Loud Noises

We live in a noisy world and exposure to sounds that are too loud can be damaging to our hearing. Caring for our ears is important, and ears can develop all kinds of issues, especially as we get older. Some things are easy to fix – for example, you can take antibiotics prescribed by a doctor to clear up an ear infection, and for people who suffer from excess ear wax and blocked ears, you can go to a professional like this ear wax removal Ledbury based company who can clear the ears out for you.

However, something that is not able to be cured is tinnitus and the most common cause of it is exposure to loud noises.

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What is Considered Too Loud?

Sounds that are over 85 decibels are considered to be damaging to the ears. If you work in an environment where you are regularly exposed to sounds that are over 85 decibels you should be provided with appropriate hearing protection and use it correctly.

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What About Concerts?

Concerts and nightclubs play music that is loud and often is well over 85 decibels. The higher over 85 decibels the sound is, the greater the risk of hearing damage as well as the fact that you do not need to be exposed to it for as long to have damaged hearing from it. If you are planning to attend a concert, it is wise to get some special hearing protection that will reduce the volume without losing the sound quality.

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