Six fitness recipes with five or fewer ingredients each

When cooking with better nutrients, less sugars and trans fats to complement our workout with a good diet, we often face a complicated task, however, below we show six easy fitness recipes with five or fewer ingredients each.

Fitness Recipes

The following recipes not only can help you to add good nutrients to the diet but also, to replace commercial foods of inferior nutritional quality.

Also, because they are alternatives with greater contribution of vitamins and minerals, or with more proteins and good fats, they will be allied plates of your training and can help you to see results combining diet and regular exercise.

As if that were not enough we have selected six fitness recipes very easy to make and with five or fewer ingredients each. Note:

  • Banana pancakes with two ingredients: only two ingredients can be used to prepare these pancakes ideal for breakfast rich in potassium and especially protein, which can be accompanied by dried or fresh fruit, a glass of milk or what you most want. And the best, you can prepare them in just two minutes.
  • Oatmeal and apple biscuits: To replace the commercial biscuits full of fats and sugars, you can elaborate this much healthier and natural alternative, rich in fiber and with very few ingredients.
  • Strawberry Protein Ice Cream: If your weakness is the ice cream here you have an option that you will not be able to resist, because with low amount of sugars and fats and many proteins, vitamin C and potassium you can create this option that only needs four ingredients.
  • Almonds and dates: just two ingredients to get these chocolates that will calm your sweet desires while offering good fats, calcium, potassium, fiber and a minimum of vegetable proteins.
  • Oatmeal, banana and almond cookies: another natural recipe, rich in good nutrients, to replace the classic commercial cookies that are usually filled with trans fats, sugars and calories. And in addition, only three ingredients are necessary for its elaboration.
  • Energy bars of dates and oats: in just five minutes and with only two ingredients, you can create your own energy bars at home to recover after an intense effort with natural sugars and hydrates accompanied by good nutrients.

There are no excuses to cook your own fitness dishes , because as we have shown with these six recipes of five or less ingredients each , there are options that are easy to make and ideal to savor without guilt.

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