So you can make your own detox diet based on real food to get rid of the extra kilos of Christmas

The detox or depurative diets that we find in magazines or web pages can represent a great danger for our body. However, if we look for something that will help us feel refreshed after the Christmas feasts, we can make our own detox diet based on real food to get rid of the extra kilos of Christmas.

Without resorting to commercial smoothies or juices as unique foods of the diet, it is possible to “purify” our body to feel better and also recover the weight prior to the holidays at the end of the year basing our food on real food only.

Some keys to make our own balanced and healthy detox diet are …

Drink enough water, and only water

Detox diets are generally based on the consumption of fruit juices, smoothies or particular infusions, however, our suggestion is that we do not resort to these preparations but consume food as such: real food without labels, without too many transformations .

So, we suggest you choose water as a regular drink and eat enough of it : minimum 2 liters per day with the aim of reversing possible fluid retention, constipation and above all, activate blood circulation.

Poor hydration does not allow the proper functioning of the organism that is key for organs like kidneys and liver to eliminate waste substances.

In addition, adequate hydration is key in the control of body weight and therefore, although we can ingest infusions, at meals and between them the main thing should be water as such.

Prioritizes the intake of fruits and vegetables

Although we always recommend an adequate consumption of fruits and vegetables, if we want to detoxify the organism, its intake is a priority.

Fruits and vegetables are rich in water and fiber, they are light and therefore they help to lose weight , but also provide nutrients such as vitamin C, carotene, vitamin A and others that contribute to the health of the body and that sometimes, can help us lose weight .

Therefore, if we want to take care of our health while purifying our body, it prioritizes more than ever the intake of fruits and vegetables, as much as possible fresh or otherwise steamed , but never fried or mashed, since a large part of its satiating and other properties are they lose

Add legumes and whole grains

If until now we have abused refined flours and sugars , it is time to detoxify by replacing these hydrates with other sources of better quality such as legumes and whole grains .

With these options we will have more protein and fiber to satiate while streamlining the intestinal transit and provide a variety of micronutrients and antioxidants that protect health.

The legumes and some cereals like brown rice for example are also great source of water that they absorb during the cooking therefore, they are foods of low caloric density ideal to lose weight after Christmas.

Use extra virgin olive oil, just to season

The oil extra virgin olive oil has a large amount of polyphenols effective antioxidant in the body and is also one of the foods with action antitinflamatoria natural.

After the excesses, its consumption as a seasoning, that is, raw and unmodified by cooking can be highly recommended if we want to obtain benefits both inside and outside the body, making the most of its properties.

So, to season vegetables or salads or, to sprinkle an integral toast we can use this type of oil of great quality that will help us to feel like new after Christmas.

Choose suitable dishes and cooking

We should not only consider the ingredients that we add to our dishes, but also the type of preparation and cooking of the same.

To detoxify the body properly, we recommend preparations that do not include frying or cooking on a high, direct fire such as grilling, since they may contain toxic substances and are very difficult to digest. In its replacement, we recommend steam cooking, boiled, fresh, stewed, stewed or similar .

This type of cooking also allows us to preserve the properties of food and in many cases, maintain or increase the water content as is the case of stews and stews , soups, broths and vegetables or fresh fruits.

Supplement your diet with regular exercise and adequate rest

Beyond the proper diet, it is essential to accompany other habits that will favor food as well as the purification of our body.

The correct rest will reduce the stress that is always present after excess dates, while the exercise will activate our metabolism, it will help us control better what we eat and also, it will be key to lose weight .

Other habits such as not smoking or drinking alcohol, relaxing with pleasant activities or others can also be helpful to successfully achieve a real detox plan without risks after Christmas .

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