Some flaws we mention when it comes to wanting to score crunches

With the arrival of summer it seems that we are in a hurry to look a body ten, and the vast majority of us usually concentrate on uncovering the abdominals. There are many things that we do, from killing ourselves to training them, using reducing gels, carrying out spartan diets … So in this post we want to stop in some of the mistakes we usually make when working to get a marked abdomen.

On many occasions we have commented that the pillars when it comes to getting a marked abdomen are diet above all else, because it is an area where liquids and fats are usually accumulated. Secondly we will highlight aerobic exercise, and lastly, direct training on the abdominal wall. Starting from this base there are many other behaviors that we carry out and that in the long run are not going to serve anything, they are simply a waste of time and in many cases of money pair to obtain the results sought.

The deception of reducing belts

In the first place we are going to stop in a classic, the use of reduction strips that normally are usually placed around the waist. In the market we can find all kinds. The purpose of all is to make us sweat in this part. Supposedly what is achieved with this is to burn localized fat. Nothing further from the reality, since all we will achieve is to increase the loss of liquids in this area, which we will recover with the usual intake of water. The only thing we can get is to have a skin free of impurities in this part and more healthy, but the fats will lose them only with exercise and diet.

Reducing gels

Another product similar to the strips and that promises to lose volume in this area are the gels reductores effect heat or cold. Supposedly they burn the localized fats in this part and their sale increases considerably at this time of year. As with the girdles, its effect is not real, since what can happen is simply that the skin is more luminous in this part, but fat loss will not be real if we do not take care of the diet and combine it with aerobic exercise As focused in this area.

Properly train your abs all year round

Another mistake that we usually commit at this time is not doing the abdominal work well , because if we want to get a totally flat belly and in perfect condition it is better to perform exercises with our own body. The use of loads in this case is not so recommendable, because what we will get will be a greater hypertrophy that will cause our abdomen to come out slightly. It is true that it will depend on our preferences, but if we want to tone and mark only, doing exercises with our own weight will serve us.

How you work your abdomen will also determine the outcome. What we recommend is the performance of concentrated exercises. That is, the movements should be short, but noting the abdominal tension when we work them. A good way to get a flatter belly and a smaller waist perimeter is to perform hip- pressing abdominals, which will also help us to place all the inner muscles and organs perfectly.

It is true that many times we are influenced by messages that promise us quick results, but in this case what really works is constancy and good work . For this we recommend that you do not invade the haste to gradually achieve real and effective results that remain in time.

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