Some foods harmful to good hair health

At this time of year the great majority of us usually accuse the change of season and in many cases can affect our hair, its quality and density. So this time we want this post to revolve around a theme that most of us are affected by, and that is the fall and the strength of hair. So we are going to stop at some types of food that promote that loss of strength, density, and even hair.

It is true that genetic predisposition is fundamental and determinant as far as hair loss is concerned. But there are other environmental factors such as stress, which make us lose hair or make it weaken more easily. Feeding is another of these factors. Following a diet rich in vitamin A and B is essential to achieving strong, healthy hair. In spite of everything, there are other foods that are not so good for hair health.

Excess sugar, a danger on the rise

One of these foods is sugar. The excess we have already emphasized in previous occasions that is not too advisable. In the case of hair directly affects the time to receive the nutrients necessary to be in perfect condition. Specifically vitamin E, since sugar minimizes this vitamin in the blood. The same thing happens with B, necessary and fundamental to achieve healthy hair. The problem is that the body needs both vitamins to assimilate and digest sugar. Therefore, by consuming it in excess we reduce it in the organism and therefore the hair will stop receiving the necessary ones.

Refreshments against healthy hair

Another food to keep in mind to avoid are soft drinks. No matter if they are with or without sugar. The excess of them puts at risk the health of ours by several routes. On one side are those that contain caffeine in its composition. This ingredient causes the body to store dehydration. The loss of water will directly affect the hair that will eventually pass through being weaker. The same happens with the sweeteners or, as we have seen before, with the sugar. Therefore it is better to reduce your intake and opt for other more appropriate drinks like water.

Eliminate high-fat foods from the diet

Excess fatty foods in the diet is another cause of hair loss. What we get with this is not only that our health resents, but is one of the main drawbacks of maintaining a proper blood circulation. This directly affects the irrigation that will reach our hair. A hair that does not receive the necessary nutrients through the blood will be weak and vulnerable hair. It is therefore best to maintain a diet low in harmful fats that in the long run will not only spoil the appearance of hair, but can accelerate your loss.

Leave aside the foods that bring us zinch and iron

Not eating foods rich in zinc or iron can be a major cause of hair loss. Mainly both minerals directly influence the production of keratin by the organism. Keratin is one of the main substances involved in the perfect condition of the hair. That is why it is important to maintain your levels throughout life and take care that our food contains the nutrients necessary to facilitate this process.

Avoid alcohol and tobacco abuse

Needless to say, alcohol and tobacco abuse is also one of the direct causes of hair loss. It is mainly because they are one of the causes of poor circulation and general malfunction of all the organs of the body and its processes. This makes the hair resent, because lacking denutrientes what is first affected is the hair.

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