Some mistakes and vices that we usually commit when doing dorsal dominates

There is an exercise that almost can almost consider as essential when working the back, it is dominated bib. The vast majority of us usually include it in our training routines, either with the help of weight, ballast or our own weight. The truth is that if we look closely in the training rooms are still committing much mistakes and vices in executing this exercise. To do so in this post we want to stop in some of the most common mistakes we make when we run this exercise.

Some mistakes and vices that we usually commit when doing dorsal dominatesFor many these errors go unnoticed because it is a series of vices that have been acquired over time. So it is better detect them on time and as soon as possible to correct them. For this we can commission a colleague to observe us and correct the possible faults we are carrying out. It is also a good alternative to look closely at ourselves in a mirror while we run the exercise, to detect possible errors.

The accomplishment of an inadequate route when doing dominants

One of the major mistakes that we often make has to do with the tour. Do not forget that in the end what we are working is the part of the back. Therefore we must hang fully with our arms stretched to lift our whole body through the action of the muscles of the back. This route is fundamental to influence the part worked. If we do not do it or lean on our shoulders or legs, we will not be working well. If we can not raise the body in this way, it is advisable to help us with a dominated machine in which we will incorporate extra weight to help us raise our own.

Give us a boost with our legs, a widespread fault

Another failure is usually propel us through the action of the legs. Giving us momentum with the legs is a symptom that we can not raise our weight through the action of the muscles of the back. So it is much better to help us with a machine dominated or with a companion to accompany us on the tour. But what we should avoid at all costs is to give momentum with the legs, since we will tend to arch the back too much and make involve the lumbar muscles, the biceps and the shoulder.

Shrug your shoulders to propel us

If it is a question of the shoulder, a very widespread failure is to involve it too much when performing the dominants. This is noted by raising our body when we tend to shrug inward or forward. That is, what we do is push the rise with the shoulder and make the muscles of this part of the body intervene in this way. It is an unmistakable sign that we can not carry out the activity with that weight and therefore we can help with the dominated machine mentioned above and with the appropriate assistance. The same applies to the elbows, which must remain backward and not forward to avoid engaging shoulders and arm muscles.

Adequate steps and evolution when making dominants

First of all it is best to start the house foundation, that is, we must go slowly gaining strength on the back of increasing the burden to go and thus the muscular evolution. Never neglect the proper execution of the exercise. For this reason we recommend starting small with a machine that helps us to use our weight. In the last step would be the execution with ballast, which is an additional load and that will increase the results.

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