The benefits of Pilates do not end when the class is finished: this helps you in your day to day

If you are looking for a discipline that will help you to live better in your day to day, the Pilates method can be a very good option: its benefits are not limited to just executing each of the movements performed in the sessions correctly, but they are very applicable to our day to day.

And is that once we leave each Pilates class we can see how our posture and our way of moving in space change and improve: for something Pilates is a discipline that seeks intelligent movement. These are the benefits that Pilates practice brings to your daily life .

  • Improve your posture on a day-to-day basis: starting from a correct posture is one of the maxims when executing each one of the movements in a Pilates class. This means having a good alignment of our entire body, insisting especially on the shoulder girdle and the pelvic girdle. Moving the shoulders away from the ears, bringing the shoulders back and projecting the chest forward is one of the indications that you will receive most often within the class, so that, with the passage of time, you are able to internalize it and avoid This forms the shoulder-forward pose so typical of people who work long time sitting in front of a screen.
  • Improve your breathing: we all breathe, but not all of us do it correctly. Control our breathing and use it to facilitate the movements of the body(usually exhaling or releasing the air at times of greater difficulty of movement, and this also applies to gym training ) will also make our movements easier in our day to day.
  • Know your body better: the control of our body is another basic in the Pilates sessions. Thanks to the deep knowledge of our body and how it works in face of the different stimuli to which we submit, we can move without fear in our homes, in the street or in our jobs.
  • Control your movements from your center or core: all the movements that we do have their origin in our central zone, core or Powerhouse. That is why it is so important that we have a well-trained and efficient central area musculature. Being able to activate the deep muscles of our middle area so that the movements start from there helps us to move more efficiently , with less effort.
  • Improve your mobility: over the years, the mobility of the joints is decreasing, especially if we spend much of our day to day in the same position (usually sitting). During the Pilates sessions we will also improve the range of mobility of our joints , which will result in a greater and better movement on a day-to-day basis.

The Pilates method, whether with machines, on the ground, with or without accessories, is one of the best ways to recover your mobility and learn to move efficiently and intelligently in space. Everything you learn in class, you take home.

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