The difficulties of caring for someone with Korsakoff syndrome

What is Korsakoff Syndrome? Looking after someone with Korsakoff syndrome or a dementia caused by alcohol does come with many hurdles for caregivers. The symptoms of dementia are difficult conditions even in good conditions, but odd or confusing behaviour can be misinterpreted as a “binge” drinking, even when the person has ceased drinking.

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Those with a history of alcohol abuse are often isolated. Strained relationships are common I n the families of alcoholics. As a caregiver, you may feel resentful about caring for parents or a partner with a lifelong history of alcohol abuse. In addition, it may be difficult to convince people to give up drinking, because most of those diagnosed with Korsakoff syndrome are long-term alcoholics. It is important for carers to discuss with your doctor or mental health professional effective strategies to prevent loved ones from drinking. For more information on What is Korsakoff Syndrome, visit a site like ARBD Care.

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Families need to ask for help and support from a mental health professional or a case worker who has experience in working with alcoholism. Family meetings or support groups can also help in bringing together family members in addition to helping people who have been diagnosed. A case manager or counsellor can help families through the family types of issues and help organize appropriate support services. In severe cases, or when the family is not able to provide proper care, housing facilities can be searched. Nursing homes that provide specialised dementia care should be considered for patients who suffer from confusion related to their diagnosis.

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