The Tokyo Olympics will feature these five new sports

We have just finished seeing the Rio 2016 Olympic Games (of which we have returned with 17 medals) and we are already thinking about those of Tokyo 2020. After a spectacular presentation at the closing ceremony with the star appearance of Mario and Doraemon among others, We are many who are looking forward to four years to enjoy the competition again.

One of the novelties of Tokyo 2020 is that it will include five new sports: some of them have never taken part in an Olympic Games while others have regained their position. Then we talk a little of each of them to open mouth.

  • Baseball and softball: They are two very similar sports, although they differ in small things like the size of the ball, of the field and in small details of the regulation. From 1904 to 2008, baseball has been contested in the Olympic Games as an exhibition sport; Making its last appearance in Beijing 2008. In Tokyo 2020 will return to play as an Olympic sport, where six men’s and six women’s teams will take part in the competition.
  • Skateboard: A sport that enjoys a great attraction among young people and that will begin to be Olympian in 2020. Up to 80 athletes will fight to raise with the Olympic medals in the competition, that will take to the streets and to the parks of skate. There will be skating on the street and in closed park.
  • Surf: Perhaps the most surprising of the five new sports and one of the most spectacular, without a doubt. 20 women and 20 men will fight to reach the top of the podium riding the waves on a short board or shortboard.
  • Sports climbing: Three types of competition (speed climbing, opening of tracks and boulder) with 20 athletes in each of them promise us strong emotions. Climbing, as in the case of the skate, will be held in the street on shared with the public spaces.
  • Karate: If judo and taekwondo are Olympic sports, how come karate was not so far? Karate is the second most practiced martial art in the world (behind taekwondo) and so far it has been an exhibition sport. Finally in Tokyo 2020 we can see an Olympic competition with the modalities of kata and kumite (combat).

These sports are only approved for Tokyo 2020, with no obligation for the next venues to maintain them: we will not miss the opportunity to enjoy this sporting event!

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