Three trainings to improve the power of your career

Improving the power in the race translates into better stride, less injuries, greater speed and, ultimately, better times. Going for a run at cruising speed will not improve your power. Today we are going to see three examples of training to improve the race power.

The power meters are already installed in cycling as meters and regulators of sports performance. But they are also coming to the world of running, with Stryd for example. It is not crazy to run considering the power, although this is for more pro riders. If we only want to improve the power of our race, without knowing how much or how, take note of these trainings to improve the power in the race.

Training on slope

One of the ways to increase the intensity of the race while maintaining the pace is to make a difference. Doing series on the slope will help us give a greater stimulus to the muscles that are responsible for running. More muscle fibers are activated and these become larger, which translates into more speed with the same effort .

Keep in mind that depending on the level of the runner, the distance, inclination and frequency of training on the slope must vary.

Strength training in the gym

We will not tire of saying how important the work of the gym is for the runner . Improving the strength of the muscles involved in the race raises the performance a lot, as well as protecting against possible injuries.

Multi-high training

Another way to work the power, performing jumping exercises with our own weight . It greatly improves the reactivity of the tread, which translates into more speed. This type of training is the biggest forgotten in the corridor, especially the popular corridor, but it has many benefits. We can make multisheets on a flat surface, stairs or a simple drawer. And let’s not forget the plyometric exercises. We leave you with a video with basic multi-high exercises for the runner:

Ideally, these training should be done at least once a week. But if the lack of time or desire does not allow it, at least put one of them every week, alternating, your legs will thank you and your times, too.

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