Tips for sleeping well in summer

High temperatures, the highest number of daylight hours, increased naps and schedule changes and food are some of the main causes of insomnia that many of us suffer in summer. You want to know how to rest at night in which it is confirmed as one of the hottest summer stages since 1975?

Sleeplessness in summer

The quality of sleep is beginning to be seriously deteriorated from 26° C, as established by official studies performed. Increased body temperature level implies that our brain is not able to maintain sufficient levels of

Tips for sleeping well in summerThe fact that many do not hesitate to call as summer insomnia have serious consequences for our health, in the sense that when we wake up the next day may suffer episodes of drowsiness, irritability states in any situation, and difficulty concentrating. In the case of very habitual daytime sleepiness at this time of year, we have to be cautious, since it may be primarily responsible for traffic accidents and in the workplace.

Adequate hydration, ventilate the room, light dinner, keep the blinds while giving the sun, a shower of cold water before going to bed or wear pajamas and sheet sets cotton must not create excessive sweating in our body are some of the measures that we can implement broadly to give rest to our mind and body they deserve.

Healthy sleep habits in summer

First, the fact of keeping fresh the rooms of our house to counteract the high temperatures outside will help to sleep. But to what extent it is healthy and advisable to leave the air conditioning on all night?

Experts advise the use of this air in environments where the night temperature is in the 30, but always taking certain precautions. Such measures we note that cold air does not shine directly on the body of the person and, if possible, that the air is not in the same room and environmental.

You have to remember that proper sleeping temperature should be between 20° C and 22° C, figures that we consider to not have air conditioning at a lower temperature. Such devices have a filter, so we must take special care to clean if we want to breathe dust. To avoid complications about or directly, do not have air conditioning, the best you can do is open the windows during your sleep.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who sleep with clothes, it is best to opt for fabrics that let aside wool or fibers able to cause excessive sweating. At the same time, we must try to maintain some moisture in the atmosphere, something that does not contribute one end use of air conditioning. To get the perfect environment, we will try to place a container of water in the room to prevent dryness of mucous membranes.

As for food, we should try eating at dinner light products such as vegetables or fruit. At the same time, you have to remember that ice cream, despite offering the pleasant sensation of a refreshing drink, they will not contribute to long to lower body temperature.

Furthermore, regarding a refreshing shower, although blood vessels contract, activate muscles and will give us our feeling refreshed, the latter will only be momentary. It is advisable to opt for a shower that does not exceed fifteen minutes in length and not less than 18 ° C, i.e., betting on a warm shower.

Finally, with regard to sleeping positions, you have to avoid sleeping face down by the very different risks that can have for our well – being as tendinitis, cervical pain and other musculoskeletal problems. Similarly, to avoid excessive heat, it is recommended to avoid using lots of pillows and cotton sheet sets as indicated in previous lines.

Adequate rest will help you avoid stress, improve your memory and attention and will be useful to improve the health of your heart. What other tips would you add to sleep in the summer?

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