Too hot to run? Alternative activities to stay in shape

The summer months are the most feared by many runners as the heat squeezes and is a drawback to their workouts. Many times it is not possible to choose the coolest hours of the day (sunrise and sunset) to go out to train, and there are days when even those hours are very hot and can endanger our performance and our health.

What can we do if we want to keep in shape during the summer months even if we do not go running? Here are some suggestions that will help you maintain your aerobic capacity in the hottest months.

“Tune up” your training on tape

Obviously, the first suggestion will be to train in a closed and refrigerated room, like the gym room. Training on the treadmill may sound like “divine punishment” for many runners, but better spend a couple of months a year feeling like hamsters running on a wheel that would put our health at risk.

However, training on the treadmill does not have to be as boring as you are imagining: instead of making long runs looking at the wall or the mirror in front of you, you can opt for shorter workouts with greater intensity and taking advantage The possibility that gives us the tape to play with the different inclinations.

The interval training on tape is another possibility we have so that the indoor training does not become eternal: to maintain the same speed throughout the interval, the tape forces us to a greater effort that maybe we would not get to run to the (At the end of the interval you start to tire and you are slowing down, while in the tape you have to keep it).

Take advantage to introduce new sports

And is that running is not just running: other types of training can help us become better runners and some, such as strength training, become indispensable to be complete runners.

The swimming, on the other hand is perfect for the summer months can be a great help in maintaining a good aerobic level and background, and also to combine it with the race throughout the year. A good technique in swimming will not only help us to tone all our muscle groups, but if accompanied by a good breathing cadence will benefit us greatly when temperatures drop and we make kilometers again.

The Cycling is another sport we can not forget the time to train in the warm months: long cycling trips either mountain or road, will help us to keep our endurance while Invigorate legs and buttocks.

Now you are a runner, but imagine that cycling and swimming end up hooking you up and you end up proposing a little new challenge like a super sprint triathlon for next year (the distances are very affordable, especially starting from a good base like runner).

Remember that the important thing is that, whether in summer or in winter, keep the sport activity as part of your day to day, integrating it in your usual routine.

And you, what do you do when it’s too hot to run?

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