Variants of the kettlebell swing to intensify your routine

A good way to intensify the routine and challenge the body is to incorporate new movements into the work that we routinely perform or modify. That is why today we leave some variants of the kettlebell swing that you can add to your training.

Good technique especially

Before adding changes to the exercises that we usually perform, it is always appropriate to prioritize the technique of execution of each movement, and only then we will be able to implement some variants safely.

For the kettlebell swing, because it is an intense exercise that requires a pendulum type movement with the Russian weight, this is of great importance, as pushing the kettlebell with the arms, curving the back or not performing a good hip push can be Cause of injury.

Therefore, before going on to implement the following variants , we recommend you to achieve a correct execution technique for this exercise.

Kettlebell swing variants

To vary the classic swing with Russian dumbbells , we can add shifting, jumping, or other exercises.

For example, we can move sideways as the kettlbell rises toward the nose, or toward the front or back. We can do this with steps or with jumps.

Also while the Russian weight rises in front of our body, we can execute a squat or a stride.

Another alternative is to hold two Russian dumbbells together, linked together, to make the kettlebell swing in a much more intense way.

Of course, we can also combine the classic swing with other exercises , or perform the movement and all its variants with one hand, or as we described a few days ago, change hands when performing the swing or run alternate swing.

All are valid options as long as we respect the rolling of the Russian dumbbell, with more load, two hands or one. And all the variants will serve to give diversity to the routine and thus, to help us to progress.

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