What are the healthiest sweets?

There are healthy sweets that do not sacrifice their delicious side. However, if you do not control the amount of weight we can increase considerably. In any case, we can bet on some beneficial alternatives for our body.

The best healthy treats for your body

All we have to do is measure ourselves and bet on those options with fewer calories, especially if we have problems with sugar, overweight or cholesterol. I propose the following healthy alternatives that we do not drown in calories.

What are the healthiest sweets-Sorbet Fruit: Choose ripe pieces and cut into cubes. Let them freeze and once it is mixed with crushed yogurt dice. For presentation, pour the liquid into a cup and add grated lemon peel.

-Mousse of black chocolate: To do looking unsweetened chocolate having at least 70% cocoa. The other ingredients are: 30 grams of unsalted butter, 4 eggs, sugar and gelatin. Thinks that although sugar in it, to do it yourself at home will never be as caloric as a mousse you buy.

-Brochettes Fruit: It’s as simple as cut several types of fruit into cubes and place them on the skewer. Whisk yogurt (we can add a little sugar or other sweetener) and serve kabobs with beaten scattered above.

-Fondue Fruit: To do it we need a fondue, of course. And as ingredients 100 grams of chocolate cream to melt. 200 grams of banana, kiwi, tangerine, apple and pear. Although these are some options, you can include fruits you like best.

-Carpaccio Apple and pineapple: Cut into thin slices peeled fruits and put them to boil. We add a little red wine with cinnamon. Add a little sweetener to sweeten and serve. Elegant, tasty and healthy.

Tips for healthy eating sweets

But as humans we are, we understand that even these options are very tasty they can not go long. So let’s see some culinary tips.

  • Do not fill your plate to overflowing. Come as always, slowly and chewing well.
  • Hydrate; drink at least two liters of water.
  • Do not cook so much that on food for several days after a celebration. They are more binges than we need.
  • Nor is it advisable to fill the house with sweets, it is better to buy little by little.Spending that go with the visits. It is one of those cases where it is better not missing leftover and go to your mouth. Do not put the dish full of candy if anyone will not come home. He who eat them will be you!
  • No piques between. If it is a weight factor to fatten itself, in times such as Christmas or birthday, much more.

How these sweets healthy take some in your diet? Do others know? Do not forget to share with us.

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