What is the maximum temperature that our body can reach?

With the arrival of summer and high temperatures, the days of the beach are the kings of the holidays. Hours and hours exposed to high temperatures, but what is the maximum temperature that our body can reach?

On certain occasions we make solar excesses exposing ourselves without control, and often without prevention, at indefinite hours of solar radiation, how does this affect the internal temperature of our body?

When exposed to high temperatures, our body, in contrast, reacts through sophisticated mechanisms of internal thermoregulation to compensate for the excess we are submitting.

In this way, it keeps the internal temperature of our body constant, remaining unaltered even exposing us to temperatures between 40-60º C. Without this internal mechanism, our body would reach extreme temperatures as in febrile states.

But beware!

This is possible because our body manages to eliminate excess temperature through mechanisms like conduction, convection and sweating, but beware! That the body tolerates it does not mean that it is good or healthy.

It is imperative that in times of high temperatures, if we expose ourselves to solar radiation, we protect ourselves and take all kinds of precautions to avoid possible problems that can annoy us more than vacations.

To enjoy the sun and the summer but always with caution!

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