What your shake has to have if you want to lose weight

Smoothies or smoothies can be a great option to calm hunger between meals or solve a complete meal in a fresh way during the summer. And although they are more recommendable than the juices, it is always important to choose the ingredients of the juices very well, for that reason, we show you everything that your shake has to have if you want to lose weight.

Vegetable or animal proteins

The proteins are a nutrient of great importance when losing weight, not only because they give satiety and help us control the amount consumed in subsequent intakes but also because they demand a large domestic energy use our body to digest and absorb, they can not be accumulate in the form of fats and in addition, its adequate intake helps maintain muscle mass in the body, something of great value to lose weight and prevent the rebound effect.

In our shakes we can incorporate the classic sources of animal proteins such as skimmed milk, yogurt without added sugar or fresh cheese or, we can add ingredients of vegetable origin rich in proteins such as soy drink, dehydrated spirulina, natural peanut butter, leaves of spinach, kale, watercress or other vegetables rich in protein and also, tofu, various seeds, nuts or cereals such as oats, quinoa, amaranth and the like.

In this way, the shake will satisfy as we really look and will help us to maintain the active metabolism after consumption.


So that the shake is really different from a juice it is important to place the fruits or vegetables with skin, as much as possible raw, in the blender or in the glass of the kitchen robot to make the most of its fiber and other nutrients.

Of course, the fiber will be crushed and therefore, it will be easier to digest than if we eat a whole fruit, however, there will be a delay in the passage of the smoothie through our digestive system.

On the other hand, we can add at the end of the shake, once served, whole seeds, just chopped nuts, oatmeal or quinoa flakes or pieces of fresh fruit to add even more fiber to the preparation that not only satisfies and helps to lose weight but also contributes in different ways to achieve a fit body.

Water and air

If we add milk, ice, juice or other drink to the shake we will be incorporating water into it, although we can also incorporate water as such into the preparation in order to add volume without adding calories, that is, to reduce the caloric density, which results in good trick to eat less.

As always we tend to eat similar food rations, if we serve the same with fewer calories it will be easier to lose weight. Thus, we can not only incorporate water with liquids but also with fruits and vegetables.

And another trick to reduce the caloric density of the shake is to add air that with the simple fact of operating the blender to create bubbles we are achieving itand the more time we spend beating the preparation, the more air it will have.

Vitamins and minerals

The micronutrients that do not provide energy are essential when losing weight without neglecting health because they help prevent deficiencies and simultaneously burn fat.

Some in particular are part of processes in our body essential for the proper use of fats as an energy source, therefore, vitamins and minerals can not be missing in the diet if we want to achieve a successful thinning.

Of course, all foods can provide them, but mainly fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy products, herbs and spices that have several micronutrients, many of them with antioxidant function and cosmetic effect in our body.

Smoothie ideas that can help you lose weight

Now that you know all you have to have your shake to lose weight, remember that you should not add candy or sugar to them because you would be adding calories without any benefit to the body.

Some examples of shakes that can help you lose weight are:

  • Natural yogurt smoothie without sugar with cherries, strawberries, ice and chopped almonds added to the end.
  • Smoothie of tofu, banana, chia seeds, ice and kale.
  • Shake of spinach leaves with ice, mandarin, skimmed milk and frozen banana.
  • Smoothie of fresh cheese with orange, carrot, water, cinnamon and nutmeg.
  • Skimmed milk shake and strawberries with ice and sunflower seeds added to the end.

It is important not to forget that food or preparations alone can not help us lose weight, therefore, it is key that these shakes add them to the diet in the framework of other healthy habits in order to achieve weight loss and create the body in a way that we want so much

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