Why it is Easier than Ever to Smile with Confidence

Ever to Smile with Confidence

The UK cosmetic dentistry industry is thriving, which means it is easier than ever before to achieve a bright, white smile with perfectly even teeth. Celebrity culture and the internet have created a society where perfect smiles are all around us, so it is no wonder that everyone is hankering after a smile to match their favourite TV stars. There are many dentists offering stellar services to customers across London and throughout the rest of the UK. Services available include teeth straightening, teeth whitening, bite correction, orthodontics, teeth implants and many more.

Ever to Smile with Confidence

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General Dental Services

The many London dentists that provide a full range of cosmetic dentistry options includes companies such as UK Smile. Services available at such dentists include not only cosmetic procedures but also general dentistry, from crowns and fillings to root canals and bridges. A good dentist can also help with other teeth-related problems such as teeth grinding, which can irritate the tooth enamel and leave sufferers with sore gums and an aching jaw.


Some of the most popular cosmetic procedures after teeth whitening are veneers and tooth-coloured fillings. Veneers made from porcelain offer a swift way to achieve a perfect smile that is white and even. Veneers are incredibly thin and can be placed over your teeth invisibly. They can even fit over existing crowns and bridges. These offer a good solution for chipped, stained, broken or misaligned teeth.

Tooth-Coloured Fillings

Tooth-coloured fillings are becoming more popular. These are replacing the old metal fillings and are also becoming a preferable choice to white fillings, which can look unnaturally light compared to real tooth enamel. Tooth-coloured fillings, such as those available at UKSMILE, can be created to blend perfectly with your teeth. These are composite fillings that are made from a plastic resin mixture and filled with glass. These fillings are very strong and can be used on all teeth from front to back to create filling that looks exactly like your original tooth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are another highly popular choice for those with missing teeth. Made from titanium, these fix themselves to the jawbone for a strong structure. Implants can work to support a crown or bridge work, providing a perfect look and the ideal way to build up missing teeth to recreate your perfect smile.

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