5 decorating trends 2016

Today I wanted to summarize, ordered in 5 beautiful adjectives, main decorative trends that will either come to stay or will take the witness of this extinct. Here are five decorative trends for 2016 with which you can put your home ready to enter the next year to date.

5 decorating trends 20161) Green

Back green house unpainted possible. In the coming months we will see not only a predilection for everything that reminds us of the nature: floral, vegetable, prints of flora and fauna, water … but by the use of fabrics and materials as organic as possible. The woods such as bamboo fibers, articles reused or natural stone surfaces are some of the preferences that next year we will see in every home who want to be trendy. It is not only a decorative taste, but also help us to reconcile ourselves with nature sometimes so battered and re-inspire.

2) Exotic

Opting for ethnic style has never gone out of fashion, but has adapted to the times. The various styles that fit inside it can go from the supplements tribal, with inspirations brought from Africa to Oceania, more spiritual choices like the Zen philosophy to set a house oriental style, giving importance to each decorative or functional element as cause and reflection of quality of life. It is a taste that goes far beyond pure aesthetics, and whose components have so much personality that choosing only some of them can give a touch of fullness to stay.

3) Geometrical

Textures composed of symmetrical shapes, furniture topped by straight lines, surfaces covered with geometric patterns … this universe of perfection and exact measurements continue in the next year representing a major stylistic vanguard. From the Nordic minimalism, sobriety becomes warm when you come home. Predominates in textiles and paintings, which incidentally 2016 are, preferred large, as well as two reasons that return from the past: the tiles with geometric pattern and wallpaper.

4) Nostalgic

The memories continue to flip, so that, once again, maintaining the passion for retro. The latest novelty is to merge it with another style that is rising: industrial. From their union it was born the vintage industrial aesthetic, full of pickled wood, aged metal and paint colors vibrant combination of manufacturing materials such as metal or rope. The rustic lines have no place in this style, which also provides decorative trends as the taste for details in copper or classic cut pieces as large mirrors.

5) Pragmatic

The interior decoration is also suited to architectural trends. Thus prevails delimitation of environments based on aesthetics, especially for residential loft where space is bright and no walls. It is also in full Candied the practical use of corners before, useless house, which not only solves space problems but gives great style to the whole. In addition, the point of the reuse of materials and furniture fits well with this practical thinking and can completely reinvent the personality of our home.

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