5 details ‘low cost’ to transform the bathroom

Many times we invest more time and resources in certain rooms of the house, unintentionally relegating the rest to the background. It is logical to focus more on the rooms where we spend much of the time, as the living room, office or bedroom, but neither is worth paying attention to such important areas as the kitchen or bathroom. In this case, I will speak of how devote all our inspiration to the bathroom and also how to give a facelift of the least expensive way in terms of spending money and effort…

5 details low cost to transform the bathroom1) Modular Order

Sometimes it is not only budgeting, but the space itself imposes the number of furniture you can choose for each room. In this case, the order and storage can remain intact even though we do not have a single closed cabinet. The perfect alternative is boxes and drawers. Stacking containers different design and size will not only give an original and dynamic touch to the space, it will be a huge savings and also can be reordered increasingly forming new sets periodically.

2) Art on the wall

How many bathrooms have seen nothing to decorate the wall? We tend to hang pictures or picture frames anywhere in the house except the bathroom, would not it be genuine break this habit? Choose a nice frame and a landscape, bouquet of flowers, etc. You can completely change the bathroom with a very artistic romantic touch.

3) Textiles sight

Normally the bathroom furniture is devoted largely to keep the sets of towels, which can take upmuch space. If you do not have many meters bathroom, I recommend moving most of these textiles to another part of the house with more ease and leave only the necessary hands for the moment and some parts arranged in wicker baskets. For larger pieces, like bathrobes or gowns, it is best to opt for hangers simple. In the optimization of space, the vertical is your ally.

4) Flora and fauna

You cannot miss our change some scent to give the best atmosphere. You can pick some fresh flowers indoors or, if you will not be aware of the care of plants, you can also opt for a dry corsage or artificial flowers, and combined with essential oils. Also handmade soaps arranged in open containers or baskets can give a real relaxed atmosphere. To follow the thread of nature, you can reverberate with a touch of animal print on rugs or carpets, bathrooms are not to be necessarily white.

5) Multifunction Rest

To complete this transformation is essential to add a small piece of furniture that brings us several options. A stool or puff is perfect for a space like the bathroom. Its multifunctional nature offers us in one piece one- and booster seat is to rest or to leave clothes-, additional storage space becomes -for trunk – and a decorative element.

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