Details for decorating with African style

The African style is the perfect excuse to introduce colors and exoticism in your home.Getting decorated in true African style is not difficult, just have to hit with colors like orange or brown and materials like wicker, wood or clay.

Details for decorating with African styleAs you say, this decorative current exotic, identifies with countries like Africa or India, where the rich colors of nature is represented in the halls of households. The brown wood, the orange clay and sun at sunset, yellow sun and shades like white, black or red, are essential to achieve decor African style.

As for the materials, they are typical of this decorative current the wood, the cane, the cane and clay. These are used for both furniture to decorative objects and lighting. On the other hand, the walls are never empty, just the opposite, usually dressed in fabrics, paintings and mirrors. The woven tapestries and murals are also the protagonists of most of the rooms.

Regarding the fabrics used in the African style, include wicker curtains and carpets, jute, among others. All with geometric designs, accompanying furniture teak, rattan or mahogany. Moreover, as for decorative objects, they can not miss tribal masks, animal carvings, clay vases or typical musical instruments of the exotic countries. In addition, pieces of pottery, baskets with plants and wooden bowls with stones, with other add-ons that end up giving the African touch to the rooms of the house. Finally, lighting best suited to this style are table lamps distributed around the house, with a medium-low intensity, screens with natural fibers or warm light lamps. They get full of cozy and calm environment typical of this African decor.

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