Different Dishwasher Programmes

There are many programmes available on modern dishwashers. You can choose from a variety of helpful settings.

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Programme for main or normal dishwasher

How often should you use it? Everyday.

The programme is ideal for cleaning everyday dirty dishes. Usually, the main or normal programme is set between 55 to 65 degrees. Most dishwashers have one, except for a few budget models. For a Fully Integrated Dishwasher, go to https://www.wellingtonshomeelectrical.co.uk/dishwashers/

The main cleaning programme of each dishwasher is tested. You may be surprised at the results. The best ones clean every item perfectly, whereas the worst ones require you to wash last night’s meal by hand after.

Sensor wash or automatic dishwasher programme

How often should you use it? Everyday.

Why is this? Auto-programmes use a sensor that detects how dirty dishes are and then adjusts the temperature of the water, the amount of water, and the wash time to match.

Theoretically, this programme should be able to get all the dishes clean when there are tough stains that require a deeper wash. This programme will save money if there are only minor stains. It should require less water, detergent, and time to make the dishes sparkle.

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Programmes to save energy or reduce the environmental impact of dishwashers

How often should you use it? Each day for dishes that are less dirty.

Why is it better? It uses 20-40% less water and energy than automatic or normal programmes.

All modern dishwashers come with this feature, which is environmentally friendly.

The energy-saving or eco programme will use less water and wash at lower temperatures. It’s not a good choice if you are in a hurry though, because it takes longer. Over its lifetime, the most energy-efficient dishwashers could save you up to £300.

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