Extreme weather can damage your roof

Damage that occurs during the winter from extreme weather can cause severe disturbance on the rooftop particularly, so it’s wise to check you don’t have an issue lurking unnoticed that could become much worse.

Falling debris

Falling debris that can damage the roof will mostly come from the branches of nearby trees. While leaves and twigs will not cause much harm, if you have a tree near your property then high winds can cause branches or twigs to bend or fall down and hit your roof. This will cause significant damage.

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Strong winds can blow the tiles of the roof. Once the storm has passed, be sure to check your roof for any missing tiles to see if repair or replacement is required. Missing tiles can leave other more vulnerable roofing materials exposed to the weather, which can cause damp and further damage.


Hail can occur anytime, even in the spring and summer and can be quite damaging if large. After sudden extreme weather conditions, be sure to check your roof for repairs or problems. If you want to replace the roof before winter, think about Scaffolding London at a site like BG Scaffolding, suppliers of quality Scaffolding London

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This is something that we get a lot here in the UK and if allowed to pool over time, the water can infiltrate your home causing terrible problems such as damp and mould. If your roof has visible dents or uneven surfaces, then watch them on the inside as well to check that even the smallest cracks do not cause you big problems further down the line.

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