Four Signs Your Heating System Is More Stressed than You Are

There’s never a good time for a boiler to break down but it’s always a far more traumatic experience when it occurs during the winter months. In reality, few such breakdowns occur completely out of the blue and if you know what to look out for, you can take appropriate measures long before a major fault occurs.

Four Signs Your Heating System Is More Stressed than You Are

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Failing to act on the warning signs of potential faults is a false economy as it almost always costs far more to fix or replace a system that has completely failed than it does to repair or upgrade one that is still active. Whether you need boiler repair in Brighton or hot water help in Hove, acting promptly will save you time, money and the risk of a cold shower!


The first sign of trouble is that your home simply isn’t as warm as it used to be. If your hot water feels a little on the tepid side or your radiators are no longer producing as much heat as they did in the past, it’s a clear indication that something has gone wrong. Such issues are not always the sign of a major, costly problem, but calling in the professionals should always be your first course of action.

Whistling, gurgling noises along with rumbles, thumps and bangs from your central heating system are another sign of potential trouble. Most often, such noises increase in frequency and volume over time.

Take the time to regularly check the colour of the flame of your pilot light. Blue means that everything is working normally but if the colour changes to orange or yellow, this could indicate a range of possible problems.


Finding the right professionals to come in and inspect your system is a process that has been massively streamlined by the internet. As a result those living in the Sussex area can easily browse for services like boiler repair in Brighton by Glowzone and other locally-based firms that may be nearby.

Finally, even if your boiler is still working properly, it may be running inefficiently and your heating bills may start to climb even though you’re not making any extra use of the system. By replacing your boiler with a new, more efficient unit, you can enjoy a warmer home for less.

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