Hand-painted ceramics, rustic decor and spectacular

Obtained from cooking water and clay, pottery is one of the most used today for coating the floors and walls of our house materials. It is very difficult to find two pieces of ceramic exactly the same for decorating our home, so we have to pay attention to some advice.

The pottery was already used in 1500 BC to decorate and coat the floors and walls, as potters clay worked and refined through the use of lathes and ovens that were refined over time.

Hand-painted ceramics, rustic decor and spectacularUse of ceramics in decoration

Depending on the cooking time, exposure to cold, heat, humidity or the material used, the tone of a piece of pottery may vary significantly. When purchasing this type of materials it is essential to opt always for models with 10% more material because during the installation, cut the pieces to fit the measurements of the room, much of the material is lost.

The bathrooms and kitchen are two of the rooms where more ceramics to cover walls and floors used as well as terraces and gardens. It is the material that provides high resistance to temperature changes and external aggressions such as humidity and steam.

Its traditional character, although the manufacturing processes are modernized, make pottery is erected as one of the ideal elements for decor of our home. In fact, for years he has worked as an art, letting you configure many different types original compositions, drawings and color combinations that will beautify the space where you include.

The styles of ceramics for floors and walls are very diverse. Thus, for example, we include imitation wood, clay, classical marble, white or tile for wall coverings or stone, wood, or granite cobblestones enamel for walls.

To shed light on the most soulless corner of our home, pieces of painted ceramic man or become the ideal accessory to bring elegance and sophistication to our stay.

Among the wide variety of items with such features, we can highlight the handmade tiles. Each plant motif or geometric figure stamped on its surface realizes the thoroughness and affection printed on the work done.

Nor are they not inconsiderable ceramic handmade sculptures, adjusted to different shapes and sizes to fill that soulless corner of your room. In this way, you leave aside the emptiness that for so long has starred in that part of the room.

Another interesting option is the ceramic labels for rooms such as the kitchen or the wall with beautiful landscapes, portraits or abstract objects dominating the whole structure. They are ideal for inclusion in the living room, kitchen or living room.

Modern decorated, embossed textures, glitter and truly original designs are some of the characteristics of ceramic hand – painted pieces that can combine perfectly with the other elements of your stay, providing an elegant and refined touch. Remember that the ideal is to go to a store ceramic items, where the items will get better quality.

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