How to hide cables house

Knowing how to hide cables home can be one of the headaches we have when we begin to accumulate different electronic devices. See our home well decorated, neat and pleasing to the eye are some of the factors that we take into account, and they can sometimes be difficult to achieve. Today cables and stash them everywhere, breaking the visual harmony we cherish is inevitable. We have set to work to find out the best ways to learn how to hide cables home and cross out this pending task from the list.

How to hide cables house1- When we decided to get down working and dealing with the presence of cables at home, we usually use some methods to hide them completely. This is a good option, although this also explains how to take advantage of their presence to decorate our house, and the nightmare of seeing wires everywhere can be finished if we convert these into our allies.

First, the easiest choice we can make is to hide the wires us with gutters of color and attach them to prefer the wall to insert the cables inside. Installation is simple and placed from the device to the plug or plugs, allowing us to take advantage to put different cables that come from the same device or different they are close.

2- Another simple way to hide the cables, especially when there are several, is get hold of a box that we like and introduce the tangle of wires inside. This is especially useful when we are connected to the same extension cables. We just introduce it into the box and make a hole in the back where will to connect their respective devices. It is a good option in cases where the devices are on the same table or cabinet and can place the box below. Following this same advice, we can introduce devices that are not used directly as the WiFi router, to place it inside another box and hide their presence.

3- Now, it is to tap the wires for use as a decorative element rather than hide them. Today we can find many ways to decorate wires in some shops or home decoration; however, we can use ingenuity to be ourselves who be decorated. An example is serving as a rope or a piece of cloth to go by rolling over the cable, creating a layer that prevents visibility. Similarly, we can also use wooden balls with a hole inside, similar to collars, thus the presence of cables without involving a nuisance. To conclude this point, another option to hide cables home is leveraging our skill and weaving fabric layer around the cable, creating a unique and original look.

4- If what you seek is a creative and ingenious result that leaves no one indifferent, this is the option you want and also one of the simplest ways to dissimilar wires home. This is to generate forms with wires on surfaces such as walls or furniture, so as to become a decorative element, like branches or vines. To do this we must engage the cable through different parts that get the shape you want with tape or other fasteners transpires inconspicuous, and add stickers or magazine clippings to create a scene. You just have to unleash your imagination and try to be original. There is no doubt that this option will give your home a unique and original style.

5- In those cases where the cables are not loose, but rather are wound because we do not need its entire length to be the device and plug very close, we can choose to enter the entire cable in transparent as bottles. This is perhaps one of the most bizarre and risky options, but is also certainly one of the ways that bring personality to the home. A good tip when storing cables is not to use roll up and place inside a roll of toilet paper over. In this way we can prevent the cables, in addition to sort them in case we should use tangling. Also, using the idea of rolls of paper, you can decorate them by painting them the way you like and insert the wires inside, forming a chain rolls around. In fact, it is a good way for the younger members of the house contribute to home decoration and useful advice is diverting. When storing cables of smaller earphones dimensions, is roll up using a clip to hang clothes, so that is rolled by the top and back, and finally clamp headphones.

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